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Every year, we celebrate Halloween all around the globe. But it’s not all about trick or treating or the scary and fancy costumes, it’s also about remembering the dead. Since it was long weekend, we decided to stay in Oslob for 3 days and 2 nights so that we can visit our relatives in cemetery.

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After we visited our family and relatives in the cemetery that have already died, we decided to visit one famous shop here in Oslob Cebu. LUKA COFFEE --

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It is known for its breath-taking scenery with the background of the sea and overlooking Sumilon Island. The place is really good, aesthetic and clean overall.

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We ordered three shakes: cookies and cream, ube and double choco priced at P155 (~3 USD) each. Perfect for our hot weather nowadays. The area is cool and refreshing.


Pets are actually not allowed inside but good thing that the owner allowed bringing one as long as we have dog poop bag and diaper. Timing that my dog, Yamyam, is wearing clothes and diaper at that very moment.

Even their comfort room/cr is neat and huge. Wasn't able to take a pic of that sorry hehe.

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Just as I entered the cafe, I was captivated by the smell of coffee. They also offer cakes and pasta. If you want to try this experience, go and visit them next time you'll go south of Cebu 😁.

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As a guy from greater manila area, Oslob was not that familiar with my ears hahaha. But thanks to you for sharing this one I got to know that we have a place this quite amazing



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Looks like a fancy place to dine out! Love the look of their cakes. 😅
Glad the owner is kind and understanding about your dog.