My New Side Hustle

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Earning money as a student means a lot to me. It gives me financial freedom and lessens my parents' expenses on me. That's why I strive hard to find jobs that I can do without compromising my time for studying.


Oreo, the Shih Tzu has something to do with my new side hustle. Just this morning I was able to earn 300 pesos for grooming him. It consists of a nail trim, a bath, and a haircut. A simple package that was well needed by him.

I was actually not planning to do this kind of side hustle because I am not yet that good at cutting furs and making the dogs look so cute. It just so happens that having Micky (my Shih Tzu) groomed every three months is just so expensive. It costs 500 pesos for his all-in grooming services. That's why I just invested in a good razor and scissors. With the help of TikTok videos, I was able to learn.

My Lola insisted that I should try this side hustle and she told our neighbor (Oreo's owner) that I am open for grooming services. And to my surprise, when I woke up earlier, I started hearing barks from another dog and it happened that our neighbor already brought Oreo for his grooming session.

Here's a photo of Oreo before he got groomed. His fur was matted in some areas.

The amount of fur I was able to get off from him was insane. No worries, he is an indoor dog. The cold will not bother him anyway. Lol. Pun intended. Hahahaha!

Here are the things I used earlier. Tell me if you want a review of each grooming tool.


I am so lucky that Oreo was well-behaved while I was grooming him. It made it so easy unlike when I'm grooming our Shih Tzu.

Injuring the dogs during the session and getting bitten by the dogs are just the factors that I really considered for this because the cost of my services is much less than getting the anti-rabies vaccine. That is also why I made scope and limitations, I will only groom dogs that have anti-rabies vaccines and are well-behaved. Dogs that are not going to behave during the session will be declined service.

My rate for now is just 300 pesos compared to grooming parlors because I am still learning. I just think that giving them low-cost grooming will also benefit me by being able to practice more on their dogs and eventually being good at it. Also, it is my way to help dogs that are matted. Maybe, if this side hustle continues, I'll be able to share some of the proceeds to charities focusing on animal rescues. 🙏

Oreo's owner was so delighted with the outcome. I hope she will consider getting him groomed by me again.

After I took a nap this afternoon, my Lola and I did the usual. Went to church to attend the mass. Part of my earnings was given to the church and I was also able to treat my family with some coke.

I am just so happy to be able to give back to the Lord and my family. Thinking of it now, I prayed for it. I said to the Lord, that I hope I'll be financially stable. This is just the start of it and I am hoping that this will continue. I am just in a happy and grateful state right now. ***Indeed, believe those people who believe in you.

Thanks for reading this blog! XOXO

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That's a nice side hustle! Grooming services in my area costs 400-500+ depending on the size of the dog. To more customers!

Right? Kinda expensive kaya ako na lang magugupit ahahaha 300 lang din muna sakin. Thanks!

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks! Means a lot.

Earning money as a student means a lot to me. It gives me financial freedom and lessens my parents' expenses on me

Awww, well done You! and you are doing great withy the grooming I must say. Keep going.Lucky Lovely doggos.


Thank you! Buti naman nagustuhan mo hihi


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Cutie doggos! Ingat pa rin sa kagat. Haha. Masheket yun. Good luck sa studies at sa side hustle. Pwede mong ituloy na businessbyan when you graduate.

Yup. Oreo was well-behaved. Hahahaha!

Thank you!1 For now, sa mga kakilala muna. hahaha