Join Creative World - Art & Meme Community's DISCORD SERVER! Lots of info in here!

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Calling all Art Community & future members!

Come join our discord server, Creative World!


The discord server is here, and its packed full of rooms \ audio rooms for all to enjoy! I even nitro'd my account, and boosted the Creative World server, to give us all a few perks you can see here:


Our logo spins (animated server icon), animated gifs, up to 100 emoji's can now be created - which I plan to make a contest very soon, and more!

(I will be going over the Art section first in this post followed by the Meme Section, its all in here! 😀)

After you click the invite link you'll be greeted to Creative world, lets go over some of the rooms in there at the top:


Keep in mind theres a pinned message in almost every room, explaining a little bit about what its for. I'll also go over that now.

  • Announcements: This will be specific announcements to Creative World as a whole. Not specific to the communities.

  • General: This is for general chat, not specific to the communities. Meet and get to know your fellow community members from both communities here.

  • Introduce Yourself: This is a must for all members, and I'll explain why later in the post. In here tell everyone a little about yourself and a link to your hive blog for all of us to see!

  • Twitter-Handles: A place to post your twitter link \ handle. I figure it be a good way to start following each other, and sharing our creations \ contests \ news etc to the world. In turn maybe even bringing in more members to our community \ hive. This is not a must, at your discretion. I already put mine in there feel free to follow me. Lets have a retweet storm and spread the news of Creative World!

  • Join Team Creative World: Read the pinned message in here, I am going to need help especially if the communities start to take off. I will need more mods for the discord server and I will need admin \ mods for the communities on hive. If your interested and have been around for awhile especially, please apply in here.

  • Off-topic: Self explanatory anything not related to creative world. Please no crazy stuff in here. No toxic behavior, use your best judgement and common sense. Anyone attempting scams, spamming, trolling, etc will not be tolerated.

Now lets go over the Art community section:

art lsit.PNG

  • Art Contests & News: All Art Community news, updates, contest, polls, etc will all be posted in here. To keep up to date besides the community page on hive.

  • Art Talk: This is for all the artists to talk among themselves, strictly for all the artists and creatives. Need help on something? Need advice? Want to share your artistic ideas, put all that in here and more.

  • Post Promotion: Post all your hive blog post links in here. As of now we do not have a bot to auto-vote your posts. But it will be a great way for other members to easily see your work. As the communities \ discord grows, this could help expose your work to more people \ curators etc.

  • Artists Looking For Work: I added this to try an help some of the artists out there, especially if the discord server \ communities gain a lot of traction. People are always looking for artists help on graphics, illustrations etc, etc, if your a talented artist looking for work, post in here! Maybe the client would even pay you in HIVE who knows!?

  • Clients Looking For Artists: Are you in need of a talented artist? Post all the details in here on the kind of work you need done including a contact like an e-mail or tell them to message you on your discord handle \ dm you. (NO personal information like cell numbers etc.)

Back to why ITS A MUST to post into the 'Introduce yourself' room, I am pleading with all of you to do this. The reason being is, if we gain a lot of traction its better to see who is serious about our community and who is not. I am trying to weed out the potential scammers, trolls, spammers etc. If we were to kick someone from the group or take a harsh measure we can go back to this page and see who exactly we are dealing with. I know there are bots and things to help with the discord server, but I am trying my best with available time to keep everything in order. I will research bots and things in the future but for now this will help tremendously. Also the plus side is we can all get to know one another and see your blog and hopefully even create more followers for you! I appreciate your understanding on this part.

With that said, if you so happen to come across Creative World, and do not have a HIVE blog but want one, let us know in chat either in general or introduce yourself, and we will help you every step of the way to on-board you into HIVE. I truly believe in HIVE and a lot of great things are being created as we speak.

Lets move onto the Meme Community Section:



  • Meme Contests & News: All Meme related announcements, updates, polls, ideas etc. will all be posted in here to keep up to date besides the community page on hive.

  • Meme Talk: Chat all about memes here, discuss your ideas on creating them or the hilarious ones you found. Here it will be aloud to post pictures, no links, no posts, pictures of memes is fine. Obviously pictures goes with the meme talk, lol. Please keep it civil, nothing too crazy. If its NSFW, better to make a post on hive, and mark it NSFW, in case someone is at work or around people that shouldn't see this. Then post the link in the post promotion section.

  • Post Promotion: Post all your meme related HIVE \ blog posts here. Again no voting bots as of yet. Hope to figure something out in the future as we grow.

  • Battles Coming Soon: Meme Battles!! I will \ we will figure this out, I am very, very, eager to figure this out. I think it would be a lot of fun and make the meme community even more interactive.

At the bottom of the list, there is two talk \ voice rooms. One for Art one for Meme. Come here to talk freely with your community over voice chat. I plan on integrating ideas into these voice chats, but for now speak freely!


Now I would like to introduce our first moderator for Creative World, @liverpool-fan. He was kind enough to help me test out some of the discord server features to make sure they were working right, the vibe was right so I asked if he would like to be the first moderator. He accepted lets all welcome him, check out his blog, throw a follow his way!

With that said, for right now the server is to be freely used as you see fit, just please follow the guidelines I listed above, I want it to be a positive and non-judgmental atmosphere for all! From professional artists, to crafty people. From meme lovers to meme creators. I am clashing you all together to have some fun, meet new people, network and most of all to be happy. I always enjoyed bringing smiles to peoples faces anyway I could. I hope all the effort I have put into this so far achieves these goals.

I also hope if there is traction from our communities out into the twitter-sphere we can help on-board people onto hive. Anything we can do to bring more people to the platform as well would be amazing. I truly believe this is the best shot we have at a very successful blogging \ media platform. I believe HIVE can avoid all the mistakes Steemit made in the past and only create a bright future FOR ALL!

And now its open the gates to Creative World!


Share with all your friends!

I also wanted to give one more shout-out to @overkillcoin for donating 4k hp to the art owner account, to be utilized the next 3 months or so. I will use it Art Community posts, as some already been seeing over the last couple weeks.

Join our Art Community here:

Art Contest still running, 6 days left! Info here:

Join our Meme Community here:

Meme Contest still running, 6 days left! Info here:

Thats enough for now, more news to follow! Come join us on our new discord server! If I left something out, I do apologize, we can talk about it in discord. 🤣😉

Thanks for reading,

PS: I just wanted to make a statement, I dropped a decent buck on my adventure with Art and the Meme Community so far, when I do something, I do it right. Sent 500 hive to the owner account for the Art Community, I sent 500 hive to the owner account on the Meme Community as well. Dropped a few bucks into the discord server and I plan on investing more in the future. I'm funding all the contests myself as of right now. I didn't ask anything from anyone, I did ask if people wanted to delegate hp or donate. There is a reason I made this statement I won't discuss. I hope to do good for a lot of people here on HIVE with my investments so far. That is why I am doing what I'm doing, not to brag but to be clear and prove my worth for all of you. I am very persistent and I never give up. Ever. It's a blessing and sometimes a curse. Enjoy!

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I redy to discord...

Nice to see you there!

Amazing!!! I will go to discord :D

It all sounds amazing, I think I need a moment to review what each section is about but it sounds good.

Welcome! Thanks for joining this is only the begining! 🔥

Greetings friend, your community looks excellent

Thank you!

I will definitely join, if you accept me clearly.


A few people has joined so far, hope to see a lot more in the coming days! 👍😎🔥