Next Art Contests is postponed until July 15 - There will be two contests!

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Hello All Creatives & Artists,

The next contest for this community is postponed until July 15, but remember there is two being announced on that day. This was a tough choice, but there is reasoning behind it. Part of which is the prize pool. I know you will all be happy to see the next two contests, and what I have in store for everyone.


I am running another contest within out other Meme Community, that is currently going on right now, top prize 75 hive! If we get a huge response, the prize pool will grow. That can be found here:

I used to rush a lot of projects back in the day and thoughs days are over, it is better than to do something than nothing, this is absolutely true. But if I can bring a nice prize pool, and top notch ideas to the table for the next contests, I'm not going to rush it. I just hope that my investments pay off, not in terms of money, in terms of more members in our community. I'd love to have a place I can come to with new ideas and bounce them off a lot of people and get everyones artistic perspectives and opinions and most of all have fun with everyone. Like minded-artists like me. I know this takes time to build, we will all get there.

Thats all for now, please hang on, feel free to post \ cross post into this art community in the mean-time. I enjoy seeing all your art everyday and I hope everyone else is enjoying the posts as well.

If you haven't already please join us in our discord server Creative World here:

Thanks again, talk to you all soon!

Michael aka GRE3N
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You're doing a great job here.

You are appreciated.

Thank You, nice to hear that.

You are welcome ❤️


Hello @gre3n. Is this community still active or have you moved away from it?

Thanks for your response.