Art Banner Complete! Hope you all like it!

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Hello Creatives!

After some frustrations with peakd / hive not cooperating, I had to switch over to and get the new banner up for all of us. Then I noticed doesn't show our banner on the main community page....only peakd. None the less I still got it together and hope you all like it!

If your not already using peakd, I highly suggest it! It's awesome when it runs smoothly ;). All good.

On peakd you see the banner on the main community page, on you can't see it, only on the art community account owners page. Bummer wish it showed on the side as well. I think the majority of people are using peakd though. Are you using peakd? Or

banner done.png

I had to post this using for some reason everything is extremely slow, tried a few different nodes not sure what the deal is. Peakd wasn't working for anything accept up votes. Maybe the nodes \ network is bogged down, maybe peakd is bogged down not sure.

New Art Contest soon! Sorry I wanted to post it today but after a long day of my 9-5, creating the banner and other drawings for clients, and then the frustrations of hive in general (which is odd, usually its quick) all this has tired me out for today, the contests will be up really soon don't you worry!!!!! :)

If you haven't already please join us in our discord server Creative World here:
Thanks again, talk to you all soon!

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I think it was a difficult job putting everyone's art together; despite that, you made it! And I like it, it is extremely significant that we are there.

I'm really happy you like it. Its not about one creative it's about us all. And I mean that with the most sincerety. 👍😊💯

Beautiful!! <3

Thanks! Couldn't of done it without everyone's help!


ps: the wider your desktop monitor the more you see, mobile doesn't do our banner justice 😀

Did you use all entries? Can’t seem to find mine

I can't double check right now will after work, but I am pretty sure yours are in a couple spots. The different colors were cool to put behind certain areas it wasn't easy to lay them all out evenly.

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This is NICE ... nice to see the diversity of art put together so well!

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Great job with the banner.

I can't wait for the contest to see all the beautiful art going that'll be posted