The Connection Of Sleep With Our Physical And Mental Health.

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Sleep is a phenomenon that make us unconscious of what is happening in our surroundings. The significance of sleep is widely recognized because it has a lot to do with retaining our mental health. When we don't have enough sleep our mental health will be affected.

How do we feel when having poor sleep at night? According to my experience, having poor sleep dramatically affect my mood, my appearance, and my relationship with people. Most times I might end up with a migraine, which shows that sleep significantly impacts the function of the brain.

Despite the effect I get from sleep deprivation, I still find it difficult to have a good sleep due to some circumstances that surround me. Though when I was much younger, I do deprive myself of sleep, I might stay awake throughout the whole night watching a movie series, or staying on social media, that's crazy. The next day, my face will look like a frustrated human being, lol. There are times I do deprive myself of sleep for two days, but the rate at which I will be carried away with sleep the third day will seem as if I was intoxicated, that's to show that nature cannot be cheated on.


Then I did not know the importance of sleep. Now I know the significance of having a good sleep. Nowadays I want to have a good sleep but I don't have all the whole time in the world to do so. You might be wondering why I said so. My life as a student has deprived me of sleep for nights. I have to stay awake at night to study, and I hardly have 5 hours of sleep every day, except weekends, which seem like Christmas for me, Just two days of having good sleep, there's always a positive change in my body system, I feel better and happy.

The worse sleep experience I've always had is during the examination period, I will have to be awake through the night to study till daybreak, and the circle continues till the end of the exam, and the reason was that I don't want to depend on anyone inside the exam hall. During this exam period, I'm not always in my best mood, because I will be mentally and physically drained and my relationship with people decreases, that's just me...Was it becomes of the examination? not at all, it's all about staying for days without having a sound sleep. A sleep debt negatively affects my running.

When do I have the time to have a good sleep?

I only have the time for a good sleep during holidays, at the moment, I can't wait for a holiday to come... During holidays, I do make sure I stay away from things that will deprive me of sleep. It was during this moment that I will regain my physical and mental health, I look more vibrant, and healthy, and I crack more jokes, in short, I'm always lively when I have a good sleep, this makes me know the vital connection of nature (sleep) with our physical and mental health.

Have I ever experienced Insomnia?

However, I don't always have a problem with sleep, but whenever I experience sleeplessness, the only medicine I have for it is to be on my phone till I fall asleep, reading a novel, this experience happens once in a blue moon...
However, in the long run, I hope to improve my sleeping schedule for at least 8 hours to improve my mental health.

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Thank you for your article dear @maryjacy !

Having lived it too, the period of study is particularly trying and I think that at the time, I was in perpetual intoxication ^^ It was then that I decided to stop lying to myself and my sleep. And it was a complete change !

I wish you success, courage 💪 and also that the holidays come soon enough for you !
Take good care of yourself and see you soon 😘