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One of the most striking things I've noticed during my tenure in streaming is that the connections we make are stronger than what you would typically find with old high school buddies or even your university peers. Back in real life, when I tell people about Twitch and the fun I have there, people will either shrug it off or say something like 'Oh I didn't know you like streaming.' However, when I hang out and chill with the community on twitch, they see a whole different side of me. They see that I am genuinely happy and comfortable talking about my interests.

Streaming is a colorful and emotional journey. I feel like I have seen so much amazing life stories from our stream sessions. I feel like my life has been richer for knowing people in twitch.

My twitter account is directly connected to my twitch channel so whenever I stream OBS automatically posts a tweet about it. On my latest stream, I received a very touching message that, for me, is way more expensive than subs and bits. This guy is a new follower of mine but the message that he posted about my stream connected deeply to me.

I am genuinely happy and this event will for sure boost the fire in me and will push me to continue what I have started.

#ALIVE #aliveandthriving

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We love you Garlic! Keep crushing!!!

Love, Gank

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hey! hey! Nice post man, love it but I need a Splinterlands post from you, LOL!! I was looking for one since I was late on last week's!

Sometimes when we stream we do make friendships that last, im still in close contact with a lot of people i use to stream with 3 years ago on dlive so i get what you mean :)