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RE: Hive Empowers Communities Project : Donation of Hive Books And Hive Awareness Creation At Methodist JHS -Agona, Ghana

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I never had the opportunity to visit West Africa but did visit the east when I was in the military. However your region is well represented in my area by the many people from Conakry, Guinea, Nigeria and other parts, as they stand out for their ability to speak French. It's amusing to witness the puzzled looks on the faces of my fellow Americans when they hear that romance language coming from the lips of peole from your great continent.

I love how you combine life-giving water and education about Hive with support for students. I've labeled your water project "Boreholes of Hope" as to me, they are drilling a pathway of possibilities for the future. You @mcsamm and others didn't wait to take action, You saw a need and filled it, making use of your own innovation and the support provided by Hive.

Your work is also being archived on the blockchain and indexed by Google, providing continuing inspiration to other communities. It doesn't get any better than that. Godspeed! And as they say here in America: "Drill, baby, drill!" :)



Thank you very much for your kind words. You really inspire us to go above and beyond. It's great when we find opportunities and don't keep them to ourselves, but instead share them with others, which is precisely what @mcsamm and I want to do. We can only feel truly happy when those around us are happy. "Boreholes of Hope" has truly captured my heart. That's fantastic. Thank you so much; we will certainly keep up the wonderful work.

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Loving hive...

Indeed, we can do more with the hive ecosystem. Thank you for providing such inspiration @evernoticethat. We are committed to doing more to improve lives in Ghana and beyond by promoting the hive ecosystem.