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"The more you shared your blessings, the more you blessed. Hive is a blessing for us so let us spread its goodness and share with a heart"

It was June 24, 2023, when we hosted the Hive Orientation and OCD Onboarding Program at Caduawan Elementary School for the first time. Some of my teachers attended the orientation. Two months later, I decided to join the platform.
Joining Hive has been the best decision of my life. My journey here has been amazing, and I am grateful for all the wonderful experiences. It is my pleasure to engage with positive people and inspire them.

Hello, dear Hivers!Good Day!Hope everyone is doing well.Happy New Year! This is my first blog for this year 2024. Please allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude for all your support of my previous blogs and I'm asking for your continued support for today's post.

Let me share with you the first withdrawal of my income from Hive and how I shared it with anyone.

My Journey in Blogging

As I started blogging, I felt too much excitement. Why? I had the chance to express all my hidden feelings before in my intro blog. It seemed that I was hiding in the dark shelter and because of Hive, I was able to get out from my shelf and show to the whole world all my hardships and successes in life.

I'm so grateful to my onboarders Ma'am @indayclara, Sir @ybanezkim26 Sir @intoybugoy who were the speakers of my first orientation attended and to all onboarders special mention to my very approachable mentor Ma'am @naymhapz. Forever, I'm so grateful to all of you.
Let me extend also my deepest gratitude to all curators who gave their all-out support to all my posts special mention to @hivebuzz,@ybanezkim26,@ranchorelaxo,@appreciator,@ocdb,@trafalgar,@haejin,@arcange and other not mentioned and to all Hivers who always give their words of inspirations and encouragements.

First Withdrawal of My Income From Hive

After 3 months of blogging, I decided to withdraw my income from Hive. I asked for help from my mentor Ma'am @naymhapz for my first withdrawal. I waited for three (3)days to transfer my savings to HBD. I was able to withdraw 186.936 HBD. It was converted to Philippine money and amounted to Php 10,342.55. I received through gcash from Ma'am @naymhapz that exact amount. Thanks to God🙏, to my mentor, curators, and to all of you who always support me, a big thanks!

Where Do I Share My Blessing From Hive

The day I received the money, I went to the church to attend mass and gave my donation to the church amounted to Php 1,000.00 as an anonymous donor.


After the mass, I treated my sister, nieces, and daughters to a dinner.


Then, I bought groceries for our weekly consumption. I bought also ENSURE GOLD Milk for my mother and mother-in-law. They were so happy upon receiving it.



Lunch With My Co-Teachers

A day, after I received my income from Hive it was Monday, December 4, 2023. I decided to treat all my co-teachers for lunch. All my Co-Workers at Caduawan Elementary School were invited to dine with me at our Home Economics Building (HE).


During our lunch, I received a message from our District Supervisor. She asked me if it's okay for me to host our Staff Meeting to be held on December 5, 2023. Oh, I was shocked at that moment. I relayed the message of our PSDS to all my co-teachers. So grateful to them because they are all ready for the visitors to come. I replied " Yes" to our PSDS. We agreed to contribute an amount for lunch and I shouldered the expenses for snacks. We expected 30 visitors to come on that day. Good, I prepared already a chicken at home intended for our coming 2nd Hive Orientation to be scheduled on December 8, 2023. Still, because of that emergency staff meeting, that chicken was cooked, hahaha! But I bought another chicken for our Hive orientation to replace it.

Our Staff Meeting

On the day of our staff meeting, we prepared sweet corn, banana cue, and buko juice or "lamaw " in the Visayan dialect. We served lunch also. Sorry, I was not able to take pictures of all the food being served because I was too busy entertaining the visitors.

409773578_3781643558786753_6457570856170712302_n (1).jpg


410330536_5773638402761158_4625509768833545130_n (1).jpg


Thanks to my income from Hive I was able to share it with my Co-Teachers and at the same time with my Co-School Heads.

All my Co-School Heads including our PSDS express their gratitude for our accommodation. They were so full and satisfied with the food being served. Being the host of the meeting, we felt so honored and glad for their compliment.

Our Second Hive Orientation

Two days, after the staff meeting, December 8, 2023, we hosted our 2nd Hive Orientation. So thankful to Ma'am @indayclara our main speaker for that orientation. We are so grateful also to Ma'am @callmesmile, Ma'am @naymhapz, and to the rest of the onboarders who supported financially to our lunch and so with my Co-Hivers at the same time my Co-Teachers. About our snacks for that orientation, I was also the one who shouldered all the expenses.

406412900_867584211579160_8956674070279956763_n (1).jpg

384547492_310506258615162_747649692760620747_n (1).jpg


A feeling of satisfaction and complete happiness when you can share your blessings with anyone. The day when I received my first withdrawal of my income from Hive, I felt that was my victorious day! It's not only for the income I received but of course for the fact that through blogging I was able to give some words of encouragement and inspired people. That's one of my achievements in my journey on this platform. Of course, I'm also inspired by engaging with you, too.

I offered first my blessing to Almighty God because He is the one who guided me and gave light to let me see this opportunity. God knows that this is one of my passions to express my feelings through writing.

Of course, I gave a share also to my family who are my inspirations in all my endeavors. Then, to my second family my colleagues with whom I mingled every day. I wouldn't stop to make them realize the goodness of Hive. That's the reason why I decided to host the Hive Orientation and OCD Onboarding Program for the 2nd time around. It's my goal to spread the goodness of Hive and share my blessings from it.

That's all for today's blog my dear friends in Hive. Hopefully, you can spend time reading this post, and feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much❤️Love you all!❤️❤️❤️See you on my next blog! God bless🙏🙏🙏


Thank you very much ma’am @lovinglymers. Your efforts are very will appreciated.

My pleasure Sir @restlessadvntr🙂Thank you for stopping by🙂❤️

Wow, congratulations on your first Hive withdrawal maam.. You are such a good person for sharing your blessings to everyone.

Thank you Mam @selflessgem❤️It's my pleasure to share my blessing❤️Thanks for dropping by🙂❤️

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You are indeed an inspiration Ma'am ♥️.Thank you for sharing your blessings to us. And it's true, the more you share to others the more blessings you will get in return. Have a great day ahead Ma'am! 💓

Your are always welcome Ma'am @marie.creates ❤️Yes,it"s true!The more you share,the more you blessed.Let's share and spread the goodness of Hive,Ma'am❤️

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy your first Hive withdrawal. May you continue to blog quality content so many will be inspired and motivated.

Kagdahan sa blessing. Thank you for sharing, naka enjoy mig apil😍😍😍.

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Yes,Mam @naymhapz my very good mentor.Thank you so much❤️I really enjoyed sharing my blessing from Hive and I don't stop blogging because through of this I can inspire and motivate more people.Thank you for always there for me❤️🙂You are my angel🙂❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much for sharing your Hive withdrawal to us. Busog much!

You are always welcome Ma'am @annetimistic❤️🙂Thanks for stopping by🙂❤️

Congratulations ma'am.

Thank you,Mam @redgemini ❤️🙂

Congratulations on your first withdrawal mam. You are so generous mam that's why You are also blessed. Keep it up mam and thank you for loving and spreading Hive.

Thank you so much Ma'am @dehai❤️❤️❤️Together,lets spread the goodness of Hive❤️Thank you for stopping by❤️🙂

Good job.Sharing is caring.

Thank you Ma'am @chimegipamus❤️Exactly we share because we care❤️Thank you for dropping by❤️❤️🙂

Congratulations ma'am @lovinglymers. The earnings from Hive blogging is a great help for the family. Enjoy the moment with your love ones.

Thank you Sir @edver143❤️Yes,it's true😊Thanks for dropping by❤️

That was so nice and thoughtful of you

Thank you so much for reading my blog😊❤️

You're welcome

Amazing! Continue to inspire, ma'am!

Thank you Sir @ybanezkim26 for all the support and for the words of encouragement❤️🙂Yes Sir I will continue to inspire people that's my goal❤️🙂Thank you for reading my blog❤️🙂