Emergency Solution Perfect Timing Purchase.

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Happy start to this new week Hivers and loving friends. Wishing you all good health and wellness.

Today I want to share with you guys some joyous moments I had reserved for a beautiful 😻 day like this. It all have to do with my love for cooking 🥘, baking and utilizing the equipments and kitchen utensils I usually make use of in my kitchen.






Sometimes last week I went to a local Market called Warehouse located at Ojodu Berger, Ikeja, Lagos, to source for a second hand Microwave to “Purchase” I was so determined to purchase a new one even if its a second new because I love to keep everything warm after cooking,, as the one I have been using suddenly developed some kind of noise, and the use of microwave at home is very important at all time to heat up the meals . And luckily for me, I got this very well equipped versatile beauty with a Steamer, Grill and Opt Grill .

And why suddenly a noise? The old microwave that I have been using started giving me some problems. It was not working perfectly again, giving out some noise while in motion. Then I became afraid 😳 of what if it leads to fire due to this sudden noise its generating. This made me to quickly go for a search 👀 to purchase another microwave.





Although, this new second hand I saw at the Warehouse Local Market is really perfect with multiple functions, but the price was not what I anticipated. But I still finally purchased it, and already enjoying it at home with every meal heated and warm. Its all thanks to the support am receiving from Hivers and friends from Hive Communities. Hive has been so supportive and I will continue to love ❤️ and put in every effort and support I owe each community here on Hive. Every effort we put to life pays 💪. Lets keep the thrive!


Thank you friends for stopping and supporting through reading, liking and commenting. Lots of love ❤️.

All photos are my original taken with my iPhone 6x plus. Grid with Inshot.