420 SBI Giveaway Announcement

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This post itself it not a giveaway post. To participate in the giveaways please see my latest post(s).
TLDR: I will be doing a series of Hive SBI giveaways between now and 4-20-2024 (April 20th 2024)

That's right at least 420 SBI will be given away during this time. These giveaways will work a little differently than my other giveaways.

Each giveaway will feature at least one random winner and one SBI unit will also be gifted to my @spoonies fundraising account that is earning crypto for charities related to chronic illnesses. Please also check out the Spoonies Unite community I created on Hive. :)

The format I'll be focusing on to start is 2 random winners of 2 SBI each, plus one unit sent to the spoonies account each round. I plan to increase the prize amount over time. Each giveaway post will state how many winners there will be and the prize amount.

I will also be doing other giveaways where folks will have a chance at an SBI unit as well.

I will continue to do this until I have exceeded the 420 units goal.

I can't guarantee how often these giveaways will happen. I will try to do 1-2 a week, but with my chronic illnesses, it's likely I won't be able to necessarily do them every week.

I have also found a great tool to use to choose the winners. I will be using Hive Random Comment Picker primarily and wheelofnames.com as a back up.

That's basically how it will work.

If you entered the SBI giveaway ending Sept 22nd, I will be posting the winners over the weekend (as well as a new giveaway) and I have a surprise for you. :)



That's awesome! I believe giveaways really help out the newbies! How are you holding up?

Thanks . I wanted a way to give to the Hive community as a whole while also helping build my charity fundraising account. This seemed like a good idea and there is plenty of time between now and 4-20-24.

Overall I am doing ok. I hope you are feeling better.

Hanging in there, just trying to get off this stupid drug that turns me into a zombie!

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