Hive SBI seems to be working well

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While the community isn't that active, the mechanism behind it is working well.

So, something that I was doing a few years ago was having monthly contests like the one that I just ran. I haven't done the math, but I think that I can beat the 20% savings rate by having more SBI than just putting my SBD into savings.

So lets give this a try for a while. I am going to keep my payout rewards as 50/50 HP and HBD, on the first of the month I will convert all my HBD to HIVE and then run a contest in the middle of the month or so. The same rules as the previous contest.

This way it is a community run thing, and the people that want to encourage people to have a steady income on this site can vote for the creator that has entered the contest.

How can you help?

There are two ways,

  1. the first is to vote on my posts so that the pool of HIVE that is available is larger. And I think that the second thing, the thing that's more important, is to share/reblog the actual contest post when it goes up.
  2. This way we can get the largest pool of people entering and voting as possible.

If there are rule changes that you would like to see me make, request them below.




I've used HBI /SBI since a time I cant remember. Its a great thing.

sbi is awesome. I have been in and out of it since shortly after it started. Good job raising awareness.



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You almost persuaded me to join SBI