SBI seems to still work, so who wants some?

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A long time ago I decided to create a #noloafingmoney series. Now, that series died pretty quickly, and then there was the my loss in faith of crypto as a concept. Now that faith hasn't all of a sudden been "solved" but at the same time #hive still seems to make sense to me, and I have some tokens in my wallet so I would like to spread the love.

See #sbi is a great concept, and while it does seem to be dead on this community page, it still works. So I would like to "spend" 100 HIVE that I have in my wallet.

by Giovanni Vacanti on

The Contest

The award distribution will be:

65 SBI for the comment with the most votes
25 SBI for number 2
10 SBI for number 3

Contest Rules

1. To enter, comment below what type of content you want to see more of on the blockchain.
2. If there is a tie it will be broken using a random draw.
3. If there is a tie for first the first winner will get the number 1 prize. If there is more than a two way tie another draw will be taken for the second place.
4. The winner is the comment with the most VOTES, not reward.
5. Downvotes are ignored as part of this contest. 
6. The winners will be chosen at payout, so in 1 week.

How to support this effort


If this gets going then I will think about putting together a monthly contest of sorts.



I would love to see a lot more fantasy content on hive. People writing stories one post at a time.

I would love to see more stories, fiction. It keeps heart body and soul together. Kills boredom.

Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!
I agree, I often sidetrack to other platforms but HIVE always make sense to me at the end and I think HIVE SBI is a great a concept! I’m trying to combine with my NFT!

I would love to see more art! and people being creative with their own ways and combining that with crypto. I would love to see more people talking about NFTs.
I think NFT Showroom is a great place to explore.

would like to see more rel news content, and more sports hockey and baseball

count in in the draw please @ericburgoyne



The person who invented autocorrect
should burn in hello.

Credit: marshmellowman
@noloafing, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of ericburgoyne


I'd love to see more fantastic blockchain games like Splinterlands!

I would love to see more information on how to get more exposure/upvotes. Maybe some examples, success stories about starting with little to nothing and slowly grinding it into something.

You hit the nail on the head with

slowly grinding it into something.

It takes a lot of hard work, persistence, producing good content (I.e. interesting engaging and/or well put together), and also commenting, building relationships and making connections. Investing in Hive helps as well - powering up and demonstrating that you're in it for the long haul not just to cash out ever sent for a quick buck. I hope that helps. 😁

There are 3 more days, and don't forget to vote on the comments you like the most. Currently there two tied for second!

Wow nice your wallet progress is so much good. Be good and be progress
May you more got rewards to your followers and friends.