Warhammer 40k - The lost Battle Report - Ironwolves vs Orks!

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Good day everyone! This is a Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report that is long overdue. Somehow I skipped right by it and did not air the results here on Hive!

This is the Battle Report that @aussieninja was waiting for because it featured Orks! Unfortunately for him, I trounced the Orks solidly.

I do not have the full Armylist of the Orks anymore and I am not totally sure what mission we were playing but it is clear that we were fighting for the objectives in No Man's Land as well as interested in holding our Home Objectives.

So let's get into the Battle!


So I went for a pretty standard Ironwolves deployment that I am know for:

A Razorback and Grey Hunter pack on each flank.
A Vindicator on each flank supported by a Techmarine/Iron Priest.
Dreadnought support on either flank.
Ballistus Dreadnought in the back.
Land Raider with Blood Claws in the center.

Ready for attack or defense!

As for the Orks...

There was a boss on a Squighog with a unit of Squighog Boyz in the centre... I played with Thunderwolves a bunch, I know the type.

On one flank were a lot of Squighog boyz.
In the Centre was Zogrod with his supa-gretchen.
4x Transports with Boyz in them, one containing a Beastboss. Another unit on foot.
Then there were still many units in reserve: Stormboyz, Gretchen guns and Burnas.

Another look at my Deployment from the back...

2x3 man Squighogs on this flank. One unit are the new models while the other squad are converted and ride horses.

Looking at this picture we see that there is another unit of Gretchen in that back ruin.

Turn 1

So we rolled off for First Turn... and I won.

Since it was the first Battle Round and the Ork feared that my massive shooting capability would nuke his boyz, he called his WAAAAAGH!!! This is an Ork ability all Ork armies have.

What this does:

Gives all of his units a 5+ Invul save to protect them from shooting and assaults.
Gives his Orks the Advance and Charge ability in his upcoming turn 1.
Gives Orks extra melee attacks in combat.

So I employed a cunning wolf tactic... I stalled for my first turn.

I still had plenty range to shoot with, but I did not shunt forward everywhere as I usually do... this was the Waaagh turn and I would control the way that the Orks get to use their benefit... by making sure they benefit very little.

Some of my units moved backward... 2 inches... I calculated the chances of the Ork making a move, advance and charge across the distances and determined that the Ork WILL make several charges should I go forward.

I also blocked off vehicles with buildings and dreadnoughts to ensure that he does not easily get to attack weak targets.

I did some shooting that killed some Squighog boyz in the middle and then it was the Ork's turn...

Carl's face says it all as he realizes that I have made it all but impossible to take advantage of his Waaagh abilities.

Light and sporadic shooting and failed charges followed. No damage was sustained by my army.

One charge was passed as a unit of Squighog boyz managed to get into Bjorn the Fell Handed. Squighog units are good at taking down vehicles but Bjorn is really tough and so he mopped the floor with them.

The rest of the battle - The Great Squeeze!

The feint move of my Space Wolves caused the Orks to lose their impetus and instead of rolling in like the green horde is meant to, they got choked up.

Bereft of their advance and charge, the Wolves pushed forward and took over the map but again kept their distances in a moderate fashion sothat only a specific portion of the Orks would be able to get into combat at a time.

That squad of boys managed to get into the Redemptor Dreadnought but he was supported by Grey Hunters and both prevailed while the Orks were destroyed.

Meanwhile Bjorn continued his advance on the other flank and in the centre the Wulfen Dread kills Zogrod and his Gretchen.

The Ork continues to be pushed back into the corner and brings out his Reserves. The Stormboyz were nearly shot off the board the moment they arrived and did not manage to do much.

The Guns also perished the turn after they arrived.

Interestingly, I recall the Victory Points for the battle were fairly even still at this point of the game as Carl scored things like Engage on All Fronts with his Gretchen Guns etc.

This is pretty much all that was left of the Orks by the end of the battle and they used Gretchen to screen off my Blood Claws from charging into the Orks at the back... Oh yeah... he had Flash Gitz too!

Bjorn was sitting on the objective while the younger wolves charged forward to squeeze the Orks.

Then the final Ork ambush was sprung! A big unit of Burnas arrived on the board.

Bjorn is armed with a Heavy Flamer under his claw and the Helfrost Cannon can either be fired as a single pinpoint high strength shot OR as a flamer that is even stronger than the Heavy Flamer!

So Bjorn does an Overwatch on the new arrivals with his double flamer and wipes half the unit. He fails the charge there and Bjorn counter attacks with another double flamer attack and a charge and wipes them out!

Result: Space Wolves win!

It was a resounding win for me and added up to my score to earn me 4th place overall at the tournament with a total of 4 wins and 1 loss for that Tournament!

There we go... finally got this one out of the backburner! Lol

Thank you for reading!

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You might have won in regards to the tournament rules, but the Orks won because they got to get into a good fight.

Man, if there is good cover, usually going 2nd is so good for the Orks if they can make their charges, but you completely blunted his greatest weapon. Very strategic, very wise and I'm sure very frustrating for the legend Carl.

The Orks on those little horses are hilarious. Great work by Carl. Love this battle report and all the photos! Thank you!

Haha. Its a pleasure!

Yeah... the Ork player should have waited with the Waaagh and rushed me with everything.

Great stuff

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Damn. You had a good run of victories going. Well played, though. Nice to see that immortals can bleed.


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I didn't lose against the Ork... I was Irpn Hands that took me out (narrowly) in the 2nd last game of the tournament.

This is a belated Battle Report.


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