Warhammer 40k - The tournament is tomorrow!

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I am putting the last touches on this Dreadnought at 11:30pm...

Hello there and welcome! In around 8 hours I will be setting up for my first battle of the Sword and Board 40k Tournament! Wish me luck!

This tournament is the biggest event of Warhammer 40,000 that I am taking part in since I came back to the hobby!

Check out some of the armies people submitted!

Anton De Villiers's Space Marine Army

Bernie's Board Breakers! World Eaters Army

Keegan Maritz's Champions of the Fang - Space Wolves

Matthew Doyle's Astra Militarum

So, the lineup for tomorrow, in alphabetical order is as follows:

  1. Aidan Lewis - Space Wolves
  2. Aidan Urquhart - Space Wolves
  3. Alan Cuba - Death Guard
  4. Alon Levin - Ultramarines
  5. Andrea Balocco - Chaos Daemons
  6. Anton de Villiers - Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines)
  7. Ashley Smith - Death Korps (Astra Militarum)
  8. Bernard Marchand - World Eaters
  9. Cameron Pheiffer - Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines)
  10. Carl Haydam - Orks
  11. Charles Freestone - Aeldari
  12. Charles Salmon - World Eaters
  13. Cheyne Reeves - Black Templars
  14. David Holmner - Adeptus Custodes
  15. Devon Jordaan - Astra Militarum
  16. Jaco van der Merwe - Salamanders
  17. Jay Salmon - Tyranids
  18. Joedrich Stander - Iron Hands
  19. Johnathan Enslin -Adepta Sororitas
  20. Keegan Maritz - Space Wolves
  21. Kyle Mackintosh - Necrons
  22. Marnus Alberts - Space Wolves
  23. Matthew Doyle - Astra Militarum
  24. Nathan Ievers - Tyranids
  25. Nicholas Rorich - Death Guard
  26. Nico Matthee - (Not sure, probably) Ultramarines
  27. Orion Adams - Tyranids
  28. Robert Hunter - Aeldari
  29. Simon Berndt - Word Bearers (Chaos Space Marines)
  30. Tanya Leone - Adepta Sororitas
  31. Thomas van Heerden - Tyranids
  32. Wynand Mostert - Necrons
  33. Zak Ludick - Space Wolves

It seems we must have had a dropout somewhere... we should be 33 players in this tournament.

Other interesting information is distribution:

Adeptus Astartes Armies: 12/33
6 Space Marines (Codex Compliant)
5 Space Wolves
1 Black Templar

Other Imperial Armies: 6/33
3 Astra Militarum
2 Adepta Sororitas
1 Adeptus Custodes

Chaos Armies: 6/33
2 World Eaters
2 Death Guard
1 Chaos Daemons
1 Chaos Space Marines

Xenos Armies: 9/33
4 Tyranids
2 Aeldari
2 Necrons
1 Ork

I have no idea whom I shall be facing first or how the tournament will go for me. I have a 90% winrate for 2000pts so it is about time I find myself some tough opponents!

Even if I lose all my games, I will have fun!

Even if I lose all 5 games, my winrate will be at 60%.

Wish me luck!

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Hive South Africa


Sorry Zak, although you're my favourite Warhammer Hive person, you're only my second favourite in this tournament... go Carl Haydam!

Orks ?

Why did everyone enjoy the volcano?
It was just so lava-able.

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What type of fruit is not allowed to get married?

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😂😂😂😂 !LOL

Bloody Orks!

Would it be ironic if I got to play against the only Ork in the Tournament?

My favourite player going up against my second favourite player in this tournament? That's not irony, that's the best battle report ever!

Well, well... I have some interesting new for you after Day 1 of the tournament!

What did the painter say to the wall?
One more crack like that and I'll plaster you!

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Looks like you will have some tough battles. good luck

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Have you heard the one about the jump rope?
Never mind, skip it.

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Thank you very much! Packing up and moving out to find breakfast.

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What do you call a mobster who’s buried in cement?
A hardened criminal.

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Dude I have to say I admire the dedication you have with painting these little figures...back when I was a very young lad I had similar interests...that was until the shop I use to buy the paint from closed....but heck that is a lot of effort but more so the PATIENCE my guy!!

Yeah man. I actually have a LOT of models from when I was young that I never painted. I am finally getting through the backlog now.

And now it's more of a sentimental thing than it ever was right! I should get back on that wagon aswell.


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So with Warhammer 40,000 I can still play games with even my old models so the plan is to make an absolutely massive Imperial Army that I can play in large scale games.


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