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*note: i am assuming these still count as original since i made them, though i used obviously source materials that aren't my own, for instance i see on the Original MEMEs page Toy Story and Dr. Evil which i can't imagine the OG creators came and made memes of their own content.. but, just to state what is probably the obvious:

credit to the Scooby Doo creators,, the faces of people that appear in these which i can provide upon request (i have credited them elsewhere), and Nader Al Naji for the crisp vocals*

i have been away from hive for a while. you wonder, where has she been? i know, great question. i started working in DeFi, so i have steady work which keeps me busy. the other thing is i got super into making videos. i've made a lot of them really over the past month. i've steadily gotten better i think. i don't want to (i guess this is the proper phrase though i don't particularly care for it) blow a load by posting ALL of them in one post, though, so maybe i can spread them out.

i understand that these memes are kinda specific to this one website, i'm not here to shill it, though i had to credit it. actually, i'll toss in one more of the meme videos with this post, maybe it will help balance things out. (you'll see why it maybe balances it out? i dunno)


it all kinda began with this DAO platform, and the name, which you know, sounds silly to say. well, then the videos started coming out by the creator. and i just noticed how many freakin times the words "dao", specifically "daodao", and even "daodao dao" were getting used. so i made kinda this first pass at just playing around.

so then someone suggested putting music to it, and i guess you could say my world expanded. i am not any kind of musical person (nor for that matter a video editor), so you know, cut me some slack please. but here was the first musical rendition:

(note that it uses royalty-free music, mentioned in the video description)

i did some things to try to like make it musical, besides just adding the music. some things are weak i know, but hey, i tried.

okay - so then i was entering a meme contest, and i'd already made like 20 memes, somehow i lost to some image macro templates (because at least one voter was worried it would look like favoritism, i'm still displeased about that, what's the point of voting if not voting for what you think is the best but WHATEVER). i really thought i had like spent all my energy making all the previous videos (there are more, and lots of images too). but i just thought, hm, what can i put DAO with, and ScoobyDAO came to my mind, and i first made this as an animated GIF only, but then i came back to it and added some music and stuff. so, here we go:

(again, royalty-free background music, but obviously the Scooby artwork is not created by me)

and now, just to provide maybe some balance. i didn't really mean this to come across as accusing the project of anything, i just found this video by these guys who promote the underlying platform where the soundbites were just like- too good to pass up.

(again, all royalty-free) i was actually asked to remove the word "scam" from the youtube title because it was coming up so high in the results LOL. but after like getting snubbed in the meme contest and then just getting fed up with some stuff in their discord, i changed it back. oh nos.

i think this one is much better "musically" than all the previous videos i had made. i really like this one.

anyway i hope it's OK that these are all so focused on one thing, i've just had so much fun with cutting up these videos and you know, i can't help it!

hope u enjoyed~ <3


and a bonus one^^



I can never take my dog to the park because the ducks keep trying to bite him.
I guess that’s what I get for buying a pure bread dog.

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I can't believe that other commenter said EXACTLY what I was going to comment.

i don't even know what the point of it is. i saw it from though it was way at the bottom and here on it's not even shown. but at least i got to see how strange it was from ecency LOL. like, are there at least URLs in it? or is it simply word spam. who cares i guess

but you're right, it does sound a lot like you

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