ART CURATION: 09 January 2022 - 16 January 2022

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WednesdayNature / Health

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art: painting

art: photography

by @soehadaTwo assumptions for a dragonfly@hafizullah
by @neosevenPhoto Quest Forest Snail Photography@hafizullah
by @rizkiavonnaAmaryllis Flowers@hafizullah
by @furkanmamplamsuch beautiful wild mushrooms@hafizullah
by @ponnibongMacrophotography. Ladybug@hafizullah
by @monster-oneSunset in San Blas Nayarit, an experience to share with you.@priyanarc
by @rizkiavonnaGrasshopper - Shy but Want ...Lol@hafizullah
by @jasonmunapaseeMacrophotography of beautiful yellow flowers in a small garden@hafizullah
by @arul01The Charm of the Beauty of Plants in the Home Yard@hafizullah
by @idayrusThe beauty of white jasmine flowers macrophotography@hafizullah
by @suhadiPhotography ladybugs@hafizullah
by @ummamah1Photography / a pink flower@hafizullah
by @parung76Morning Walk With My Daughter@rezoanulvibes
by @steem-muksalMacro Photography : The beauty of a unique mushroom like coral@rezoanulvibes
by @adi.piscesMacrophone photography Leptoglossus insects@rezoanulvibes
by @putraspjamanGazing at the Beautiful View at the Top of the Mountain.@rezoanulvibes
by @sayagoSunset Photography # 54 Sunset@rezoanulvibes
by @dianclasherFungi Friday 14-Januari -2022 Mushroom Cup Cookeina Sulcipes @rezoanulvibes
by @antikus369Photo report. Winter, January. In Search of Shadows@rezoanulvibes
by @coquicoinARIMACOA - SEAPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST W170@rezoanulvibes
by @aleksandra.martMonomad challenge entry - Anna@stevenson7
by @flaxzWet Wednesday - We Are Alive IAAC #644 - Actifit: January 12, 2022@rezoanulvibes
by @putroe-hiveMacro photography of flies perched on leaves@hafizullah
by @ekachiyunichicken comb flower@hafizullah
by @jitendra92MY PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS WITH NATURE ☘@hafizullah
by @taillahBeautiful ornamental flower colors that are easy to grow and plant in the yard@hafizullah
by @idayrusThe Beauty of Pink Roses Smartphone Photography@hafizullah
by @ridor5301A beautiful white butterfly is perched on a very attractive wildflower Animal@hafizullah
by @prydefoltzVehicle of Deliverance, New Poetry, Digital Art and Photography, @rezoanulvibes
by @amryksrMoonflower Plants Can Repel Plant Pests@hafizullah
by @idayrusThe beauty flower of begonia grandis Macrophotography@hafizullah
by @seha76Ommatius the Predator!@hafizullah
by @zubir-hivePhotography A Kind Of Snail Playing On Green Leaves@hafizullah
by @bluemoonWalking to the Rhythm of the Blues@priyanarc
by @mamun123456Beautiful sunsetphotography & amazing sky@priyanarc
by @taillahRed needle flowers that are easy to grow in various places@hafizullah
by @kawsar8035Beautiful Wild Flower Photography@hafizullah
by @maridmc[ING-ESP] MY LOVE WITH FEATHERS Photo session @stevenson7
by @monster-oneDifferent photographs, different focal lengths, which ones do you like the most?@priyanarc
by @alvonsohivermacro photography of red hat mushrooms that are so tempting.@stevenson7
by @seha76Crocothemis Servilia!@hafizullah
by @idayrusA very beautiful butterfly Macrophotography @hafizullah
by @naisfreedomThe Stunning Golden Brass@stevenson7
by @zubir-hiveThe Red Dragonfly in the Aceh Forest@hafizullah
by @anitacarolinaStir-fry kale has always been the most loved food. @rezoanulvibes
by @taillahThe type of ornamental flower that grows in Indonesia is Aceh@hafizullah
by @kawsar8035Macro Flower Photography Grass Flower@hafizullah
by @jasonmunapaseeMacrophotography of brown grasshopper on green leaf.@hafizullah
by @adi.piscesMacrophone photography Campiglossa flies@hafizullah
by @prydefoltzFlow and Water; Nurture and Thrive, Fly, Taoist and Poetry Blog, Digital Art and Photography, Brave Aviator, Poetry Revisited@rezoanulvibes
by @basyir01photography leaf insect@hafizullah
by @danny.greenChurch of St. George the Victorious@stevenson7
by @alvonsohiverThe forest bee macro photography is so tempting, and what I've been looking for all this time..@hafizullah
by @solominerLeatherleaf Mahonia forming buds - Macro Photography@priyanarc
by @opickThe pollen flow : Monomad@priyanarc
by @idayrusThe beauty of the butterfly is making out Smartphone Photography@hafizullah
by @sketch.and.jamMushroom Monday - Mushrooms in the Hand Part 3@priyanarc
by @ummamah1Photography / flower beauty@hafizullah
by @tumppa-queenThe beauty of grasshoppers and some photography@hafizullah
by @smithlabsUpdate on the Cleveland church repair from two months ago.@rezoanulvibes
by @kawsar8035Winter morning flower photography@hafizullah

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