ART CURATION: 30 March 2022 - 06 April 2022

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Welcome to our curation report for the category #art

Our main focus is to appreciate the amazing work of creators on our HIVE blockchain & their unique educational and inspirational content. With the big help of our delegators, we are able to spread support via our curation and we hope to see much more content from you all in the future!

Today's Highlighted Post


It is true that art knows no boundaries. Today's post is by @strangex showcasing his brilliant makeup skills. The detail in his makeup is mesmerizing. Art is not just supposed to look good, but to send a message, to evoke, and that is what he achieves in this makeup. His talent and creativity are evident in his works. He blogs regularly about his make-up art, adding creativity to it. Do check out his blog and support him.

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Thank you so much @diyhub and @priyanarc for the feature and support 😊😁

Thanks so much @hafizullah and @diyhub for the support, I appreciate it.

Thank you so much for your support.. I'm glad to see my work here.

It is a true honor to read such beautiful words from you.
I certainly try very hard to do work that looks difficult or very detailed but that really is very easy to do without a big budget and the message within each publication is important to me as I am a true believer that every makeup should be done with love and with a message that inspires. Thank you very much for the support @diyhub.

Thank you so much for all the support 😊

Thank you friends @diyhub and @priyanarc. Blessings