ART CURATION: 31 December 2021 - 07 January 2022

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art: tutorial

art: photography

by @jasonmunapaseeMacrophotography of walang sangit on green leaves@hafizullah
by @prydefoltzIf Foundations Are to Keep Time with Flow, New Poetry, Blog, Digital Art and Photography, 32 of 82, Spoken Word and Taoist Poetry Revisited@rezoanulvibes
by @zirochka#WednesdayWalk. Holidays in the city@priyanarc
by @prydefoltzSwallowed Pearls, New Poetry and Blog, Feathered Friends Digital Art and Photography, 29 of 81, Revisited Taoist Poetry and Spoken Word@rezoanulvibes
by @jacksonroyceviczRe-Connected with the nature@kaerpediem
by @orlandumikeVacances à Saint-Gall jour 2 : Randonné et Safari photos près d'Urnäsch 2022-01-01 @kaerpediem
by @idayrusJawel Bugs in Aceh Macrophotography@hafizullah
by @putroe-hiveBeauty macro photography weevil beetle@hafizullah
by @tumppa-queenThe beauty of small green mustard trees@hafizullah
by @mamun123456Sunsetphotography- Amazing sunrise view of afternoon@priyanarc
by @kawsar8035Beautiful Tomato Flower Photography@hafizullah
by @adi.piscesMacrophone photography Beautiful forest cockroaches@hafizullah
by @richgaynorHelen - Monomad@stevenson7
by @alpineliferSkiing the Spine of the Canadian Rockies - Part 1 Icefield Parkway to Peyto Hut@priyanarc
by @saifuddin73Mountain yellow flower. Cosmos sulphureus@hafizullah
by @rem-steemFlowers never fail to brighten up our day! @priyanarc
by @kodeblacccAmi Bekee 1979 Portraits of Marvis.@stevenson7
by @opickMost memorable from 2021-2022 : Sweet ring around your finger@priyanarc
by @fidal-alvianaTake a walk with comrades in arms to the Banda Aceh Tsunami Museum@rezoanulvibes
by @vtravelsFun in a maze!@rezoanulvibes
by @monirrohanBeautiful photography while traveling.@rezoanulvibes
by @steemadiBuah Ciplukan Physalis @rezoanulvibes
by @rakatitisansunset on bali island deli serdang@rezoanulvibes
by @faysalrj909Our village has a brick kiln.@rezoanulvibes
by @iptrucsIssy-les-Moulineaux : une agréable découverte@kaerpediem
by @alfredomoraHello everyone! Introducing myself to this excellent community@kaerpediem
by @nice-macroMacro Photography: hairy caterpillar@rezoanulvibes
by @gaeljosserIgnite your Sparklers EN/ES@rezoanulvibes
by @angdavid21ENG/ ESP Photography session in the park.Seción de fotografía en el parque.@rezoanulvibes
by @ph1102.ctpFirst Walk in 2022 - My Actifit Report Card: January 1 2022@rezoanulvibes
by @esclavos75Primer atardecer del año 2022 en playa Mansa.@rezoanulvibes
by @oceanbeeA New Year On Hive@rezoanulvibes
by @michaeljazzBeautiful twilight@rezoanulvibes
by @daveksMountain Boating @rezoanulvibes
by @prydefoltzA Sturdier Scientific Perch, Blog, Digital Art and Photography, Poetry and Spoken Word Revisited@rezoanulvibes
by @ridwanmsBunga heliconia latispatha@rezoanulvibes
by @starjewelSublime and Beautiful Sunday - Manhattan Lights@rezoanulvibes
by @draysaxUpgrading my Videography/Photography - A blessing I did not expect@rezoanulvibes
by @technicalartI do not understand/Yo no entiendo [ENG/ESP] @rezoanulvibes
by @anitahorvatirlNew year.. New pics@rezoanulvibes
by @deeanndmathewsMy First Submission to the LIL -- Autumn Splendor in Photos, Vol. 1@rezoanulvibes
by @morenaluna[ESP ENG] ~ Celebrando la Navidad entre Cantos, Parrandas y Alabanzas Celebrating Christmas with Songs, Parties and Praise by @morenaluna@rezoanulvibes
by @flaxzNew Years Eve Friday - We Are Alive IAAC #632 - Actifit: December 31, 2021@rezoanulvibes
by @donnadavisartReady for a New Year and a New Challenge: Fun Nature for Art Inspiration.@rezoanulvibes
by @omenmaba[ENG-ESP]Different looks but so equal that they fall in love and invite you to enjoy unique moments/ Miradas diferentes pero tan iguales que enamoran e invitan a disfrutar momentos únicos@rezoanulvibes
by @bambukaLilac night@rezoanulvibes
by @abrarhussainCoffee that keeps me going@rezoanulvibes
by @karbeaSeaPhotography Contest • Week 168 📷🌊@rezoanulvibes
by @basyir01butterfly@hafizullah
by @deimageMACROPHOTOGRAPHY OF MANTIS@hafizullah
by @furkanmamplamMeet mushrooms while traveling around the garden@hafizullah
by @masrilphotography forest grasshopper that has a fast jump.@priyanarc
by @master-hivemacro photography of layer mushrooms that are very unique and rare@hafizullah
by @tumppa-queenHow beautiful to see China rose flowers@priyanarc
by @idayrusThe beauty of a small butterfly in the forest of Aceh ~ Macrophotography@hafizullah
by @charlie80Walk in Sofia@priyanarc

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