Community Compilation from 28.11.2023 to 29.11.2023

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Hey there! This post highlights all the amazing content published into our DIYHUB Community and we have curated over the past days. Community content is our main focus and you will earn a 100% upvote if your post follows our requirements and target niches when you post it into the DIYHUB community!

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Highlight of the Compilation

In today's highlighted post, @hive.samadi shares with us her process of creating a cement flower pot at home. She further shared step-by-step instructions on how to create a cement flower pot. Such a lovely process of Creating a beautiful cement flower pot arrangement at home.

We say thank you to @hive.samadi for sharing this lovely gardening project with the community!

Join our 🎎🎅DIY Christmas Contest! 🎁

As December brings Christmas feelings near, a joyful and exciting spirit fills the surroundings. A tradition during this time is turning homes into magical wonderlands by adding beautiful and cozy decorations to our houses and gardens. Families gather to decorate their spaces with lights, ornaments, and fragrant wreaths, creating a festive and warm atmosphere. Besides the visual charm, decorating builds togetherness with your family and forms long-lasting memories. Create a Christmas-themed DIY project and win great prizes. You can start submitting your entries now


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Read more about the rules of the contest in our contest announcement post!

Happy creating!


[ENG/ESP] Small chest of useful material, decorated.

created by: @taniagonzalez
curated by: @stevenson7

Greetings, dear friends of #Diyhub ! Today I want to share with you another one of my crafts. This ...


Wallmate of Colored Paper - Decorative DIY

created by: @semarekha
curated by: @stevenson7

Happy Tuesday everyone, friends.Today started as usual with foggy conditions like yesterday. These m...

Mixed Materials

A very easy to make rose / Una rosa muy fácil de hacer Eng - Esp

created by: @hayleysv
curated by: @stevenson7

Friends I hope you are having a very nice start of the week. I had disappeared for a while and I apo...


DIY - Bouquet of tulips

created by: @aera8
curated by: @rezoanulvibes

IMG_20231129_100205.jpg of tulips-Hello friends, everyone, hive and art lovers-Come back with me in ...

Mixed Materials

Creating a beautiful cement flower pot arrangement at home.

created by: @hive.samadi
curated by: @dayadam

Hello dear hive friends,Good evening to all my hive friends, gardening is a comforting process for a...


[En- Es] Two-tone girl's hat

created by: @elentogether
curated by: @dayadam

Hello Hive friends and dear Diy Hub community.I'll show you how to knit a cute two-tone hat for a gi...


Dragon Spirit Splinterlands Art Contest SPT W-269, Digital Art

created by: @yolegdysb
curated by: @dayadam

Greetings to everyone, once again participating in this contest. And I share with you my fan art tha...

Mixed Materials

Vampire Bat in 2D // Quilling Technique // Splinterlands Art Contest Weed 269 [Eng-Esp]

created by: @dayadam
curated by: @stevenson7

Hello everyone... 🌼Hello to my dear Hivers and the community of DIYHub, as always very pleased and e...

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Thank you very much. I am happy to be able to share my work in this beautiful community.

Thanks for the mention friends ❤️

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