Merry Christmas to all. Christmas wreath first time made in my life.

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Hello, friends and all artists, creators, and art lovers Greetings. Merry Christmas to you all. MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS #DIYHub community.
This is my entry to the community#DIYhub for a monthly contest and special for Christmas. It is a nice initiative to make active all hivers. It's nice to be creative and think about some new ideas.
Here in Norway, the celebration starts at the end of November, called Advent. At the beginning of December, all the houses are decorated with lights and many different decorations including a wreath that hangs on the door. They can be made from different materials such as fresh evergreen branches like pine and juniper. decorate with pine cones, acorns, and red dry berries, more natural materials. Nowadays people buy in shops with many possibilities with different materials. They are very expensive to buy in the flower shops. I was examining those different wreaths with the notion of making them as gifts to my friends.
the wreath I present here is my first try.

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freshly picked small pine branches
freshly picked juniper branches
some branches from Evergreen bushes in the garden
pine cone, acorns, wood shavings
All I collected whenever we walked in the forest or visited some places.
The jute string
Weaving thread
Decoration threads
plastic beads string
Glue gun
an old round plastic cookie box

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I started making ring by tying the small pieces of evergreen branches together using the weaving thread.


But the shape wasn't perfectly round.

c (3).jpg

I thought for a moment about what I had that I could use to hold the form stiff and round. I found an old cookie box from last year's Christmas and cut away the top section of it to make a ring.

c (5).jpg

ch (4).jpeg

Starting over from scratch. using the plastic the plastic ring I started tying together the evergreen branches with thread.

c (8).jpg
It looked like this.

c (11).jpg

Wrapping plastic bead chain around the ring. I don't have holly or any red berries.

c (13).jpg
Organizing the pine leaves.

c (16).jpg

Then juniper leaves.

c (17).jpg
I finished with juniper leaves.

c (18).jpg

To make it strong I used jute string.

c (19).jpg

Tied the wreath to the ring in places.

c (21).jpg
Just putting things together and planning what to do.

c (22).jpg
Here comes the helper glue gun.

ch (10).jpeg
Using the glue gun I added the wood shavings to hide the jute patches

ch (7).jpeg
Some pine leaves are fixed inside the ring to hide red plastic.

ch (11).jpeg

ch (26).jpeg

c (26).jpg
Attached pine cones and acorns at suitable places using a glue gun.

When I am doing something I am in my own world and sometimes forget to take a photo. to make the hanging ribbon using a toothpick I inserted ribbon under the jute string targeting the center and making a knot.

ch (15).jpeg
Sprinkled glitter and glitter threads on the wreath.

c (40).jpg

It is almost finished but needs some trimming around the edge

ch (27).jpeg
Very careful to trim around in details

c (1).jpg
Here is my finished natural and long-lasting Christmas wreath.
Thank you.


Hello I hope you are very well having a nice healthy day with your lovely family. Today's talent is full of wonderful artificial trees and natural essential plants. Together, you've created a garden that's truly full of extraordinary talent. I am very happy that God has put such skills in you. I respect this garden full of talent of yours. Praying to the Creator for the exercise of your excellent skills. At the time of wonderful beauty this garden can be created by anyone we follow. I hope that the Creator will grant you and your family the opportunity to practice such skills and enjoy the wonderful talents. My respect and love to you and your family.

First time post are always awesome and memorable,you are a real creator of artistic content.
Is good you participated on the content
You are always welcome dear friend

impressive looking wreath considering it is your first time making one

Thank you very much for your support. like to see your entry soon. :)

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Thank you, Sagar for supporting my work. Shubh ratri.


You're most welcome. Have a happy week ahead.

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What a nice decoration! The final result is impressive. Well done!

Muy hermosa amiga. Éxitos🤗

Thank you. :)


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Thank you.

It was really beautiful 😍😁👍

Thank you very much. :)

Que preciosa quedó 😍

Thank you. You liked it.

En definitiva hoy fue el dia de las coronas! jejejej

La tuya quedo hermosa!


Happy Christmas