Pottery Day with a Friend

in DIYHub2 years ago

My friend has a pottery studio in her basement. When she bought her house she made sure that she had room to work on her favorite hobby. She invited me to her home so that we could work on our craft together. Not only does she have a pottery wheel, but she also has an extensive supply of glazes, a digital kiln, and ceramic molds. She has all of the equipment of a studio that would allow her to sell her wares, but she is retired like me. We do it for fun and to give away as gifts.


I produced three pieces before I finished for the day. We had to share our time on the pottery wheel, and I did not want to glaze any pieces during that time. I made two bowls and a plate. I used my opening jig that I made out of CPVC. (See previous post) She used her strong arm pottery jig when she was on the wheel. I did not want to get too attached to the strong arm jig because I don’t personally own one.


The first bowl that I made had a really nice size and shape. I showed her how to use the jig that I made so that she could see it in action. I really like this tool. I started off with 4 pounds of clay.


My second bowl lost some of it shape at the top, and I did not want to overwork the clay, so I did not try to correct it. I decided that that bowl would become an artistic expression later. I plan to decorate that bowl with some other pieces of clay or I will sculpt the outside of the bowl.


The last piece that I worked on was a plate that can be used for a planter. I ended up giving that plate to my friend because she was not able to make herself one using her pottery jig.


I tried my best to assist her, but she did not take my instructions too well. She wanted to do it herself, but she does not have as much experience on the wheel as I do. She is a better Potter at making things by hand. She has some creative and beautiful hand developed clay pieces. I on the other hand, spent more time on the pottery wheel than I did at building pieces by hand. I like the fast pace of the pottery wheel as compared to the slower pace of hand building.


The plate that I made for a planter could also have been a pie plate. All I would have to do is remove some of the clay in the bottom of the plate. I also could have raised the walls an inch more to make it a pie plate.

I enjoyed my time working with my friend at her home. We worked for several hours together and took a lunch break in the middle of our time. She made a smoked salmon salad with mixed green lettuces. It was absolutely delicious. She also had a homemade balsamic vinaigrette to go with the salad. Fabulous. There is nothing like spending time with a friend while you indulge in one of your favorite hobbies.

Enjoy your day.