Raised Herb Garden

in DIYHub8 months ago

Several years ago, my son and granddaughter built me a raised herb garden for my porch. It was very convenient for me, because all I had to do was walk outside to clip some oregano or thyme or basil. Well, over the years it started to rot, and it needed to be replaced.


My son built me a second raised bed, but I painted it and filled it with dirt and my herbs. I also plan to decorate the front but I was too tired today after re-potting many of my plants.


I used some exterior semi-gloss paint to paint the raw wood. I asked my son to leave space between the bottom supporting boards so that I could get good drainage. after I put in the weed blocker fabric, and started to add the soil, I discovered that I needed some more support because the dirt started to fall through the gaps. I decided to repot the plants in larger containers for the time being. I would I will have to add additional support at the bottom to keep the dirt from passing through to the porch.



I was disappointed with the prices of the herbs and vegetables this year. Everything has gotten so much more expensive, so I bought more seeds this year than I did plants. I will start many of my plants inside of my house until they germinate. I repotted the plants that I did buy because they are usually ready to be put in the ground.


I used landscape fabric that blocks weeds but it is porous and allows water to filter through.


I still have a lot of work to do. There is yellow pollen all over my porch and furniture. I stayed outside as long as I could before my allergies started bothering me. I am really looking forward to having fresh herbs right outside my door. Fresh herbs can make a tasty addition to anything that you are cooking.

Enjoy your day.