Diy unique earrings.

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Hello hivers and everyone in the diyhub community and happy new month.

We are in a special month that's why I brought to you this unique earrings I made with a heart full of joy.
Without wasting time let me show you the steps I took in making them.

Materials Needed;

Strong Fabric*
Multiple seed bead
2 earrings hooks
Beading thread 0.25
Beading needle size 12

Note; * this means that lighter fabric cannot be used to make this earrings.

The Process
First , we will glue the flat crystal to the center of the fabric measured 1inch by 1 inch which is the smaller size and the bigger size 2½ x2½ inches . You might ask how we got the center , we will fold the fabric in half and fold it half the other way and then the center can be seen in the part where the horizontal and vertical lines meet forming a plus (+). We will start with smaller piece, we will take our needle and thread that has been tied at one end. Then we will pierce the fabric from under, beside the crystal then we will take 2 beads.
Note; It doesn't matter how many beads you use but I chose 2.

Now, we will go back through the board(fabric) at the side of the second added bead. Then we will come up through the board in the middle of the 2 beads and tack it by going down through the thread in between the thread. Now we will go back through the board right beside the first bead we added and go through the beads we added and take 2 beads and go through the board right in front of the just added bead. We will pierce through the board back after 3 beads and go through the 3 beads and take 2 beads and pierce the needle down through the board in front of the just added bead. Again we will count back 3 beads and pierce through the board from under the board and go through the 3 bead and take 2 beads.
Note; As we continue, we are beside the crystals to form a circle.

Now, we will pierce through the board and continue the process till we finish the the first rolls. We will start the second circle the same way we started the first one. When we are done, we will go back down the board. And now we will cut the board to form a circle.

We will glue another board to cover the odd looking back of the work then we will add the earring hook, holding it firm with glue. We will from the place we are coming, take 2 beads and go through the edge to fill it making it third roll on the circle.

To make the second one which is the bigger one. Remember, there's a crystal at the center of the 2½×2½ inch board. Here, we will do the same thing we did in the small ones but the difference is that we're going to use more than 2 beads and tack them after counting back from 2.

To connect them, we will pick 2 beads with the thread from the finishing of the bigger circle and go through 2 beads from the small circle and take 2 beads and pass through 4 beads from the big one. We will go back through the beads and cut the thread after securing few knots.

This is the final look 👇

Thanks for stopping by 🤍❤️🤍
Merry Christmas in advance. 🧑‍🎄☃️


This is lovely and looks so good on you

Te quedaron muy bonito y además te lucen muy bien. Saludos

Gracias por tu lindo comentario. 🤗

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Truly a unique earring indeed. Looks nice and colourful. Great going.

Thanks @diyhub for your nice comment.

Beautiful 😍

Thanks for stopping by 🤍❤️

This looks beautiful and even more beautiful on you🤩

Thank you so much for your nice comment. 🤗

My pleasure🤗