Recycling of fabrics to make a beautiful dress Gift

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Hello Hive


Just yesterday my friend here came to visit me in my place and while I behold her looks she was wearing an outfits that was a worn out and torn in some parts. For a young girl of her age and someone I have worked with in the past I know just how hard the economy can be and not everyone is able to wear decent clothes.
She is one of the kindest, caring and yet vulnerable of the society, they could barely afford a meal in their home, often times I do invite her to my place, feed her to the food from my table and encourage her on how to follow her dreams and Ambitions in life. She is uneducated and unskilled in anything yet, a girl in her twenties. I feel for her and have been working out means on how to empower this young woman Yesterday was one of such days she came around to visit me and her outfits wasn't too good.



I wasn't going to allow her wear that torn dress one more time hence I liked into my sewing working space to see if I can make something for her. While I do not have a new fabrics I saw this waste dress which

I had earlier used for some practical lying by itself.
The dress was one of my clothes from 7years back which I can no longer wear, I have ripped out a part of it to do some practical just a few days back.
I look at the fabric and it's colors are still bright, much better than what she was wearing, I swing into action and started working on it.


The initial very large dress


The part I had cut out to do some project practicals to make a small dress below


While we gisted I was working on this, guessing what her measurements will be since she was sitting right beside me.

Here was the remaining fabric large enough to make her a dress


Next I took her measurements on it and turned a flair dress into a fitted one



The old dress upper part with spoilt zipper was also ripped out and new zipper fixed


Next I joined everything together and the whole piece looked like new.



What could have ended up as garbage became like a new dress for my friend much more beautiful and neater than what she was wearing.

Before she left I gave her this little surprise since I never told her that I was making a dress for her whole we chatted and worked around my apartment.


She promised me never to wear the old turn dress and dropped it in my refused bin.
Well she did wash the dress immediately and dried it before we ironed it out for her to wear it back home


I was satisfied and happy that my skills are going a long way to help cloth the people around me even if it is via this recycling activities.


Really good way to use old clothes and old fabrics whenever you stumble on a fabric that is in good condition and can still be remade. Such a pretty dress and great job!

You did a nice job, it's looking so brand new. I am happy you got to put a smile on your friends face.

Thanks dearie 🌺

Aww that was so kind of you to do that for her
I’m glad that you could make someone happy
Recycling is really underrated.
See how beautiful this turned out. It’s pretty

Exactly, recycling is really underrated I wish I can get all the scrap fabrics, they are really useful. Thanks dear

You’re welcome