Useful 3D printing - Part 2 Kitchen

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Here is another episode in the 3D printing story. This time I will show you some things I've printed on my 3D printer to use in the kitchen.
One of the first thing I made was a banana hanger. The best way to keep bananas are hanging. But I didn't had a hook. Okay, I could print one .. but hey ... this banana hanger is cooler. I took the design from Thingiverse. When I think of bananas I also think of Minions. So I put a little minion on top of the design using Thinkercad.
Banana Stand Side.jpg

Banana Stand Close up 02.jpg

Don't take life too serious :)

My second design was a clothes pin holder. I like to have things organised, so again, I did this design using Thinkercad. For the little bird on top I used the Twitter logo.


One of the next projects was a garlic container. Once I found a clove somewhere in my fridge, lying there for weeks. So it was time to make something for the garlic. Okay, I could use a plastic container, but I wanted to have something special. So I printed this huge garlic and now I have a nice container. Oh yes, it has vent holes as well :)

My kitchen is getting more and more organised. Time to move on ...

I had an ordinary hook for my kitchen towels. But I decided to change that as well. My husband pointed me to this design. It's a very simple one. You have plain puzzle pieces and you have the ones with the hook. You can print as many as you like and put them together. My husband is using these for his keys by the way.

Last year my champagne glasses broke. I opened the cabinet and they felt down. Apparently we had an earthquake and they shifted in the cabinet. So I made a stand for it. Now the cannot fall over and I can keep drinking bubbles :)

Copy of Champagne glass holder.jpg
Thinkercad is an online CAD program and is very easy to use. The learning curve is not so steep as AutoCAD for example. So this is the perfect solution for me :)


One day I wanted to make cookies. And of course you need a cookie cutter for that :) Here we go again, find a nice design and print it.

The last item on the list for today is a hamburger press. I like to make my own hamburgers and normally I use around 100 gram for 1 burger patty. The press is made out of 3 pieces. This way it's easy to take the molded burger out. I printed this on a 1mm nozzle to speed up the printing time. Normally I use a 0.4mm. But for this tool I didn't need the high quality for details. So I opted for speed. Because the prints are a bit porous, I always use some cling wrap to keep the mold clean.


Congrats, you reached the end of this list :) As you can see you can print so many things. You just have to think about it. You can find thousands of free designs on internet, but I have to say designing them yourself is so rewarding when you see the printed result.

I hope to see you again on the next episode!


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