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Happy Tuesday friends!
Although we still enjoy the rain today, it's really hard to enjoy! But we still had nothing to do, and I still couldn't get to the office because of the rain. Today I remember all the old things and memories of being at home all day. I have picked up some photography from there, which I will try to share with you consistently.


Earlier on Tuesday I tried to share something about green nature and trees, so today I will share with you a vegetable tree in our house. This tree can be found not only in our home, but in almost every home. In fact this plant does not have to take too much care, but holds lots of vegetables. And the name of this vegetable is bitter gourd.


bitter gourd increases the levels of adenosine monophosphate activated protein enzyme kinase, which increases the body's ability to absorb sugar from the blood. It also increases the metabolism of glucose in the body cells. As a result, blood sugar levels decrease. bitter gourd has enough iron, vitamins A, C and fiber.


Yes, Friends, it is very bitter to eat, which is why many people in our area do not like it. Especially children do not want to eat too much because of the bitterness. But even though it is bitter, it has all the wonderful nutrients that are very effective and necessary for the human body. We should eat more of this nutritious fruit, except for bitter ones.


I don't know if you like this vegetable, but it is a very popular vegetable in our country and it is also a very cheap vegetable in terms of price. It is still used in many cases as a natural medicine, especially in rural areas. In rural areas, coriander juice is still considered as an effective medicine to increase appetite.


All photos captured by me through my LAVA smartphone

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Words about me: I am Tania Akter from Bangladesh. I am working in a private company after graduation. At the same time I am trying to practice income tax. It is very difficult to study alongside a job. I love to cook, because I love delicious food. I also love to travel and watch movies. Most of time of holidays I try to enjoy cooking and watching movies.:Follow me outside: Twitter & YouTube



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