DIY crop top and palazzo trousers

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Hello, hiveans!!! Tis the season to be jolly and bright.

Thinking of an outfit to make in a jiffy that will give you that classy and decent look? You are on the right blog.

This is a step-by-step format for making a classy outfit with ease and quickly.

For this outfit, I chose a light chiffon fabric with a vibrant color that will work beautifully for the summer and in a hot damp region where light, bright and breezy is the best deal.

First I drew a mock-up of what I would want to create with the following measurements as seen written beside the drawings of the pair.

The parts necessary to cut out this pattern as written in the picture above.

For the crop top

Shoulder to upper burst
Shoulder to burst point
Shoulder to underbust
Shoulder to waist
Round burst
Round under burst
Round high waist

For the Trousers

High waist to hip
High waist to crotch
High waist to knee
Full-length trousers
Round high waist

The items I used are;

• A pair of scissors
• Chalk
• Measuring tape
• Ruler
• Sewing thread
• And a sewing machine

Then I folded the fabric in the width of the biggest part of my lower body (the hips) dividing the hip measurement by 4 and adding a 1.5-inch allowance to cut out the front part of the palazzo.
I drew out the measurements for the front part of the trouser with a chalk following through with my measuring tape before cutting it out with scissors.

In the same vein using the front cut-out print I placed it on a folded fabric of a width and height slightly bigger than the front with an allowance of 3 to 4 inches.

For the top

I added an allowance of 2 inches to the width for ease and cut out a round neck of 3 by 5 inches on the folded fabric as seen below.

The final stop was sewing on the sewing machine.

After a few hours of sewing... Here is the result!

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always! We are not promised tomorrow. Happy new month!!!

~Whitney Alexander; a lover of God, life and knowledge; an accountant, a fashion designer, a part-time foodie, a resplendent tutor and a blogger/writer/storyteller in the hive family and loving every bit of it. Thanks for stopping by. Your comments and input are very much welcomed. xoxo~


Looks so comfy, and it really accentuates the figure 😍

Right?! 😁 Thank you so much🙏🏽💕✨

Wow! Seriously, I feel like I should order this already. It looks so beautiful. You really nailed this especially the Palazzo. And I love the fabric you used.

I did?! 🤩 Thank you so much dear. I'm gingered to do more😁
Mighty glad you like it 💕✨ !luv

wow! what a beauty. here in Venezuela the palazzo is very fashionable, a fresh and elegant style of clothing for any occasion, an outfit that can not miss in our closet. I congratulate you it was great


Oh thank you so much😊 mighty glad you like it.
It is one of my favorite outfits and like you have said an outfit to have on the go indeed. 💕✨

The output is great! Beautiful fabric and colors, nice to wear too as it is lightweight :)

Very lightweight. Thank you so much🙏🏽😁

Indeed! You're most welcome :)

The style and fabric is beautiful . I love palazzo pants. it's classy.

Right?! I like it for that reason too.
Thank you so much 🙏🏽💕✨

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Thank you🙏🏽💕✨

 3 months ago  

The colour and eventual output os truly impressive.

Right?! Thank you so much💕✨ it feels extra good coming from you🙏🏽