How I made a wrap top, my first post in the community

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Hello Hive


I am new in this community, I was invited by @monica-ene as a part of the diyhuh outreach contest, she has just help to come onboard hive yesterday after seeing my skill in fashion. I make clothes and have a shop of my own where I have sewn different beautiful clothes for both myself and my customers
Today I want to show you how I made this wrap top.

I started with cutting the top of the blouse


The front with where the armhole will stay then I used the front to cut the back adding some small allowance on the front so that the front will form an overlap.


Next was where I now cut the sleeve. I want this to look stylish so I used a black material to make the sleeve


After cutting it I now fold the edges of the sleeve and sewed the top together here





I made this for one of my customer who saw me wearing something similar on my birthday.
Here is the one I made for myself for my birthday





My customer thought that her cloth will be beautiful as my own when she brought a different fabric for me to make the same design for her.
But since the fabric is different the clothes came out in their own unique way.
What do you think about the outfit.

You can also find the link to my introduction post below.

Thank you.


You’re welcome to this amazing community
I love the outcome and the color makes it so cool
You did great with the top

this wrap turned out great! I really like the fabric. Have you considered joining the NeedleWork Monday community?

Okay, I am new here and will check that too. Thank you

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It looks stylish, beautiful, and elegant. Good to see how you made this dress. Well done!