How I created Daltono the Ocean God in Photoshop (Video Tutorial)

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Daltono Seperator.png

Poseidon better look out 🌊🔱

I use Photoshop daily, but something I pretty much have never done is record my process. It looks like that finally changes today. You can see exactly how I created my latest design titled "Daltono the Ocean God".

I took the time to explain a few things in more detail throughout this process, but the majority of this video is me just doing my thing. I didn't even have plans to do an entire design when I started recording but ended up with something pretty cool. I plan to use this new design as another image at the footer of my posts. What do you think of it?

Let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise enjoy the video.


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loving the Japanese style! you should get some t sirts done on redbubble or something for yourself.

I'm obsessed with anything Japanese. I have made t-shirts before, but never had anybody that actually wanted to buy them. So I've always just made clothing for myself or given it to someone as a gift instead.

I loved Japan, been twice when we were out in the Philippines ( as it was. Close) and I am learning Japanese in prep for when I can go back again. The place is amazing.

Haha i even tried to do a YouTube video in japanese as practice.

Moalboal Philippines Quarantine Day 7- My first attempt at speaking Japanese presenting a video.

Your Japanese is very impressive bro. You legit sound like a dope anime character. I don't know anything past konnichiwaa and Tokyo Drift. I hope to one day visit Japan. I'm sure you are excited about going back again soon.

Hai! 😀. But I want to see if there’s a way I can go and spend some serious time there next time. Not just a short visit. The place is unreal

Hit up @dmilliz, I know he is over in Japan and seems to love it.

Yup he’s Jamaican as is my wife. We’ve been chatting to him from when we were still in the Philippines. He seems very happy there. Good to see

very beautiful photoshop tutorial ❤️ Nice job dear @daltono

Thank you kindly. I am not the greatest at giving tutorials, despite learning pretty much everything I know by watching them.

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