Cheers to our delegators! # 52 (Payment of delegations)


Amazing Drinks is a new community, with few months of being created. The niche that it offers in Hive corresponds to all those incredible, delicious and unique drinks that users want to share on the blockchain.

Art by @brittandjosie

However, in addition to the content related to drinks, there is much more quality content that is published every day, varied, interesting, covering many topics, for which it also deserves to be recognized.

Now, to recognize through daily curation, all those good publications inside and outside the community, we need to strengthen our voting power, and this is possible in various ways, one of these being the delegations that other users have the courtesy of make us, and we, week by week, repay with liquid hive, the benefits generated by curation, based on the amounts delegated; so we invite you to be part of our delegators.

So today, we proceed to pay the benefits delegated for curation, corresponding to the period from February 16, to February 22, 2024, and to make a Cheers to ours Delegators!

Payment of delegations, from February 16, to February 22, 2024

Thank you very much @pundito @futuremind @antoniarhuiz @nurfay @hindavi @hive.samadi @mnurhiver @marlyncabrera @mercmarg @aera8 @dynamicrypto @mypathtofire @yraimadiaz @mcookies @anna-newkey @jmis101 @yulia-hive @nurul-uli @pranwala @yolos.account @dlizara @bigorna1 for your trust and invaluable support


Delegations welcome!

Find our community here | Curation Trail

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