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Please read I just stated the same thing. I can see a boycott coming soon or most people leaving. . . Im depressed about it. Seems like they somehow convinced us that they put a lid on bots, but really put a lid on us and our deck value. Meaning season rewards and quest rewards don't size up vs alpha beta. The new player will always start with an even bigger disadvantage now. . .


Really annoying and looking like a waste of time and effort. Same reward for the past 3 seasons..generic card and nothing else

Yes, I filmed mine in case I was challenged. 3 accounts hand grind to diamond Approx. 150 chests. Just mostly some RARES of inconsequential value, nothing that wouldn't keep me from renting again if I want anything close to champion or high diamond. I already put $500 worth in cards and not to much to show really, knowing your cards dwarf the alpha/beta sets. Trying to be at the top of the league to get the card packs is nearly impossible without the alpha/beta as well. Thats where it matters most too it should be the other way around. . . GIVE THE PACKS AS SEASON REWARDS TO THE PLAYERS, NOT THE PAY TO WIN / TRY HARDS / BOTS. I bought my $500 worth of cards thinking I would have a leg to stand on but I really don't and it hurts. . . I CAN'T IN GOOD CONSCIOUS TELL ANYONE TO PLAY THIS GAME, WITHOUT FIRST WARNING HOW MUCH MONEY YOU NEED TO DUMP IN OR RENT JUST TO STAY COMPETITIVE OR ABOVE WATERS. THE NEW PLAYER BASE WILL ALL NOTICE THIS AND DEVS YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW.