BDCommunity Supports The Hive Blockchain

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Hi Everyone!

The BDCommunity supports the blockchain, a Steem hard fork by the original Steem witnesses and backed by the community. BDCommunity has always supported original Steem witnesses, now we are putting it on the chain.

We will operate on both Steem and Hive for now and will move to Hive eventually.

In the coming days, all services and bots operated by and under BDCommunity would be updated to support Hive alongside Steem.

BDCommunity account (@bdcommunity) will start a full power down of its STEEM Power. All the proceeds from this will be used to buy HIVE and be powered up as HIVE Power on the Hive Blockchain. We will still pay for our delegations here on Steem and will settle all pending claims.

Thank you!

See you all on the Hive!


Thank you for the support !

Great Decision.

Nice to hear. See @bdcommunity on Hive.

Good to hear this from our team, togetherness we build a better community 🙏💓💯💯🙏

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Welcome to Hive! :-)

😊 love the new logo.

Redelegated #HIVE to you instead of the #steem previously.

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