My Splinterlands Battle With "Enchanted Defender".

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Hello Everyone

How are you ? Hopefully you all are fine and I am also well. Today I am here to share you a battle I did on Splinterlands using Enchanted Defender.

@Splinterlands hosts a challenge named "Share Your Battle" every week and they give different themes in every week. You just need to write a good post according to their theme to get their upvote. Also you need to share your post link in their comment section and you need to share your battle on other social media platforms. The main intention of splinterlands is to spread splinterlands all over the world. This week's theme is to share a battle you did with "Enchanted Defender".

Enchanted Defender.png

This steaming and sputtering pile of power is the result of years of secret Gloridax experimentation. The Enchanted Defender combines the latest magical technologies (stolen from Azmare) with indestructible metals from the quarries of Khymeria. Its Power Core is made from the concentrated sap of the Burning Land’s Everburning Trees, and spied gear systems from Gobson have provided its complex inner-working. The Dragons named it "Defender" as a sort of cruel mockery, knowing full well that it was designed to destroy.

Here is my battle. :)

@Splinterlands also asked some questions and let me answer them.

  • In this battle combat rule was "Standard" and mana cap was 18. I choose "Mylor Crowling" as summoner and placed "Flesh Golem" in the first position because it costs only 6 mana but it has 10 health with 2 melee damage. It also has Heal ability. Then I placed "Creeping Ooze" because it costs only 1 mana but slows down opponent's cards. Then I placed "Wood Nymph" because it has "Tank Heal" ability and it is also a magic card. Then I placed "Enchanted Defender" because of its armors. It had 5 armors. Then I placed "Furious Chicken" in the last position because it costs no mana. And all these cards had "Thorns" ability because of my summoner.

  • My strategy worked and I won the battle.

  • It's a nice card with armors and when it has "Thorns" ability, it is superb.

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It really just came down to who got rid of the tank first! @tipu curate

Thank you for the tip.