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RE: Bdcommunity Presents: The Weekly Turni- Issue 25

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I was eagerly expecting this 25th edition yesterday! Now I could understand why it was not published. The biggest edition so far. Hats off to the editorial body. Putting all the pieces together is not so easy. Really hard work done.

Nice to see that our beloved Turni is getting matured in every edition. The matter of hope is that we are getting new author. Welcome on board @surrealfia, @toushik and @shahinaubl, although they are not too new! @minhajulmredol, @notacinephile, @artistparthoroy and @rehan12 are regular contributor. Now the two hardworking guys @zayedsakib and @simplifylife. These two are putting all the things together with the editorial piece. Many might think, it’s easy. But practically, it’s not. Finally, @azircon dada, he is the person who is supporting all and Turni to make it successful. And the result is in front of us today, the milestone, 25th edition!

Last but not the least, many of the photo credits of this edition goes to our @zayedsakib bro(including my one). Hope you will continue sacrificing your such great captures:-)


As you had rightly pointed out earlier bhai, it's about the teamwork. If we unite our collective efforts we can achieve wonders!

Yes, team effort bhai. Together we will make it 100th edition and many more!

Together we will make it 100th edition and many more!

Aye! Cheers to that!

thank you so much deepu bhai... and a great effort from all of us combined... we'll make each Turni better than the one before

You are welcome sis. Yes, it was all our combined efforts.

Turni was not published yesterday and i expected it to be published after todays midnight. But suddenly i saw that turni is published, it was like a surprise, hahaha.Glad to see the 25th milestone issue in such a great way.

Yeah, thanks to @zayedsakib bhai for the beautiful pictures. He has helped me out before too.☺️

Haha it was a bit of a surprise wasn't it LOL! We actually had most of it ready yesterday, but because this is such a large edition, we wanted to take it a bit slow and make sure everything was spot on, just how we wanted it to look like! That's why we could publish quite early today.

Done it very well. I don't know how every edition of turni looks like better than the previous one. 🤔 Every time i can feel that.

you know I was waiting for it since Saturday very patiently... it was worth it... and great job

Yeah, same here. Came out fulfilling more than i have expected.

Its just photos bhai, you guys are the real gems. If it werent for you, we would never have made this far. And this issue is solely for you guys:)

It’s all Our contribution Bhai. Again repeating, TEAM WORK.