ASHAA Othoba NIRASHAA:There is still Hope, Do not be Hopeless

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Most times, when we fail we seem to be hopeless about ever succeeding in that area of our life. Other times, when we fail, it doesn't mean we should give up or never hope for something better. It only means that we should put more effort and look for more strategies in getting that business or whatever it is done.

Like they always say, "When there is life, there is hope". This is the best adage that keeps me going in life.

Hopelessness about a certain situation starts from our minds and before we know, we begin to put our thoughts into action. We feel reluctant to do something or even before embarking on it, we begin to see failure in it.

I won't say, at a point in time, I haven't lost hope about life, I have and I don't expect to blame myself for that because I am human and as such, I am prone to giving up at a point I am stressed beyond what I think I can do.

So, in the year 2010, I was about 16 years when my dad died. I don't know if someone knows what it means to lose the only person that inspires you and he was the only one I looked to and he gave me hope of becoming what I want to be. when he died, I lost hope of going to school or either surviving with my mother who was a permanent housewife, and my two brothers who were still of a young age. I felt the whole world has crumbled on me being the elderly of them all.

You know, my hopeless about my situation gave ways for my fears and failures but one day, while thinking, the adage came to me and it came to my realization that though my dad died, I am alife more reason why I shouldn't give up so soon and to crown it all, the responsibility of the family was on me. if I don't lead them, no one will and we all might end up going different ways.

I decided to take it upon myself to make sure that I and my brothers go to school and also my mother gets something to do for herself and as well as being the breadwinner of the family. I will tell you, it wasn't an easy task since I had no qualifications. I had to do different jobs and most times go two days away from home just to get paid daily.

But there is always proof of hope, hard work, and consistency. I was able to send my brothers to school with my daily and monthly earning and today they are both doing well and my mom, she is a big businesswoman who deals on Palm oil.

Hopelessness destroys the light in a person but hope brightens the light in a person more. There is still hope so, do not be hopeless because you are alife.

Never give up, there is still hope.