Life as it is for today.

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Hey everyone,

How are we all holding up? Life is fair right? How is the pandemic in your geographical location!!! Mine is scary because I dont know what to expect and I dont want to use my black man mentality here in a white man's land. So daily I drink my ginger tea diligently, the refined one anyways because I still do not like the after smell of raw ginger and garlic.

Now back to my settling in, I was required to stay in for 14 days which I have done so far and now I am free to explore..heheh.. Do you have that feeling of been in a strange land and wanting to see it all without having the means. Well this is me at the moment, I feel like going everywhere I have ever read about but the cold is killing me. I can't take 2 step out the door without not shivering and I think its getting so bad this days. My folks are telling me winter is coming and it is going to be more deadly than I am used to.

Damn Nigeria weather was really bad for me, and that is just normal and the usual cold, but then, how will a cold novice like me cope in this cruel weather. Jacket and hot tea can only do so much in a warm settings and not while I am standing at the bust stop. Anyways enough of my nagging, I went out last night to celebrate my end of quarantine and today to test my independence.


Shopping in my country is way different than here, It looked like I was living under the stone and now I am alive and living. I have resources open to me and I am going to make use of it to the fullest aahah.. Firstly, I am starting with eating because I don't almost everyone want to me to feed on junk and high calories food but I am trying to maintain my size 8😀😀😀.

So today I followed to get some shopping done and this is what they ended up buying for me. Lots of chocolate, biscuits and Ice ream. Well I am have been trying to reject the good intention with a good smile but temptation is real and then I ended up feeding on maltezeers and a cup of ice cream.


At the end of today, I am here settled in front of the computer, trying to get my ratings up.



Glad to see you are enjoying yourself Ife..
Where did you go?
And to think you left me behind?😄😄