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Been awhile I have dropped a post, call it laziness, lack of content or too busy I am all of this and more. Been busy doing some work, been busy with school work and been busy with laziness. I hardly sleep this days and when I crash, it takes the whole village to wake me up. I am so tired I need a break from all this responsibilities.

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Everyday I write like 5 sentences for a post and then I get distracted and lose the my content, oh my days like my brother would say. Right now it is 01:42 AM and I am busy watching G.I JOE, the Rise of the Cobra and this is due to the lack of background sound. I am also doing trying to get a head start on my 2000 words assignment with 5th of January as the due date.

So I have had a ferry car ride like twice now and it is something I cannot explain. It is so fast and cool, it feels like I was turning around in circle just for 1 minute. Civilization is a bastard and transportation in my country is a scam. I can sit in the traffic here for 5 hours and feel good about it but 20 minutes back in my home country and I feel like breaking someones head. Now I see the benefit of travelling and why some people take it as a serious hobby. There is no limit to learning and we must not limit our-self to a corner.

I forgot I was writing a post a gain for 4 days, damn I am losing my mind with school work. So we have another lock down here and all flights are cancelled. So many people will be celebrating Christmas without family while some are celebrating with family, this life no balance at all. Well I am glad to be alive, what about you?

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There will be a lockdown in naija too starting from 25th of this month.. we die here o, expecting the one million boiz already

ahahahahh...go buy cutlass ooo to klil them all

Take care Ife and if you want help with the assignment, just ask us villagers and we will see what we can do to help.

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Thank you mama.....How have you been

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