Splinterlands challenge for Earth Elemental aka Mr Tree

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Been a while I wrote a challenging post for my splinterlands battle and here I am writing about one of the best card in my Earth collection. This tree monster is one of the best power ranger in splinterlands.
I use this card a lot and in 20 battles, I use this card 15 times and the remaining five is for my quest as at that time.

Earth Elemental

Rarity: RARE
Element: EARTH
Attack: RANGED
Abilities: Heal at level 4

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Equalizer: States that all life of every monster is equal to the monster that has the highest life in there team.
Lost Magic: Monsters with magic attack may not be used in the battle.

Mana Cap: along with 30 mana cap

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Selenia Sky

Using Selenia in this rule was a decision I made because the rules says no magic and also equaliser among the monsters. What better summoner to give my cards a boost if not the dragon Selenia. Dragon Selenia Sky gives all friendly ranged monsters an additional +1 range attack. She was the best option for me in a battle with no magic and an equaliser.

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Lord Arianthus

Lord Arianthus still remains one of the most undefeated tank in splinterlands with its thorn ability that causes damage back to its melee attacker, his reflective power that sends back magic to its magic attacker and his void ability that makes him immune to damage from magic, range and melee attackers. But in this battle I had no use for all of the above just that he protected my team and gave my monsters enough time to cause damage to my opponents front and back line.

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Earth Elemental

Using my ever reliable ranged monster Mr tree (Earth Elemental), the rave of the moment whose healing power makes it very hard to kill because he will rise again to battle more. I love placing it after my Lord because its range ability and killing power is precise. He heals himself after each round and prepares its body to take another hit and deliver some too. I love his slender body and admire his strength on how far and long he can last in the battle.

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Javelin Thrower

I love Javelin thrower because like the cat woman shape she has, she is also sleekly on the battle field and because of their rare appearance in town, they only show when the battle is to die for like it appeared in my battle. With its arrow focused on its enemy, the aim to kill and not to injure. Ms Javelin is someone to have in your corner when all chips are down.

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Swamp Thing

According to the lore, he is constantly working with Magi of the forest to find a way out of his magic bonds which is why he helps weaken the enemy and also slows their power to ensure the battle was favorable to me.

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Spirit Of The Forest

I knew I needed a healer because Lord might not be able to stand against my opponent's tank for long. She brought healing power to my tank, her powerful range ability to handle my opponents backline, extra +2 armor to guard my team against the enemies. All this in support with other abilities I had on my team.

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Scale Doctor
This Doctor with his Long lab coat who the lore says might have been put to death countless times due to its in ability to save a Dragon's life. The Doctor's presence is very important to this match because he helped heal my back-line to sustain the their strength for the battle till the end.

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To join this game, kindly use this link here


Mr tree😂

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Nice Battle. Thanks for sharing. @xabi

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Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

Hi Ifeoluwa, you really made the best use of Selenia. With LA and significantly getting support from other monsters seemed quite enticing to watch the match. One sided win 😉