My focus is blurred! [Shorts]

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Life is playing a very horrendous game. Many call me inconsistent and inconsiderate but I would call myself incompetent. Yes! Incompetent because my vision is blurred and not like many I am able to think straight. I am facing my own struggles and thoughts are not very visible to people, nor actions as this is a blockchain. My days are going blurry just like my vision.

Like a mad person I was looking for an internship scope but I could not find it anywhere. I tried reaching out to my close senior brothers and others but it was closing in. I still did not settle in and was suffocating the more I thought. I never had to face this closing-in situation. I am not from a rich family and struggle is part of our life but this situation is too toxic for me now.



A few days ago I did overcome that fear of not settling in, by diverting my focus, and finally, I did get an internship. When we stop running after something and start focusing on something else, that is when we actually get what we really wanted. To achieve our focus and to stay attached to it is the entire journey. That is sometimes what I end up engrossing myself in.

If you have any doubt about what I said, you can apply that to yourself, you might get the chance to understand what I am meaning but if you do not experience it, then it is pure luck. Even if you understand or you do not understand, it is not worth arguing. Everything in life is determined, yet they have a thousand excuses to dodge it.

Thank you -
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Hi bro,
What about FPL this season? xD