"Project Ramadan" | An Initiative To Provide Food Support To Poor Families [Fundraising Phase Ended, Thank You Everyone]

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Good day everyone. Hope you are all well & sound. This is basically a fundraising post regarding my initiative to provide food support to poor/helpless people in Bangladesh during upcoming Ramadan.

Unlike many other countries, we generally notice an increase in the prices of essential food and commodities here in Bangladesh. Most likely, this year will be no exception. In addition, prices of some food items have already risen sharply since the Russia-Ukraine conflict. As a result, the country's low-income and homeless people are suffering & gasping for breath under unrelenting market volatility. So, I've taken an initiative to provide food support to at least 20 families this ramadan.

My Planning & Approximate Cost

FoodPrice (Per Kg)Per FamilyTotalApprox Cost (Considering 1$ = 90 BDT)
Rice50 Tk (BDT)8 Kg160 Kg8000 BDT (88.88 $)
Onion40 Tk (BDT)2 Kg40 Kg1600 BDT (17.77 $)
Lentils80 Tk (BDT)2 Kg40 Kg3200 BDT (35.55 $)
Salt30 Tk (BDT)1 Kg20 Kg600 BDT (6.66 $)
Oil160 Tk (BDT)2 Litre40 Litre6400 BDT (71.11 $)
Sugar80 Tk (BDT)2 Kg40 Kg3200 BDT (35.55 $)
Date300 Tk (BDT)1 Kg20 Kg6000 BDT (66.66 $)
Chickpea80 Tk (BDT)1 Kg20 Kg1600 BDT (17.77 $)
-Total19 Kg380 Kg30600 BDT (340 $)

That's my rough planning & approximate cost is 1530 BDT (17$) per family. I will try to contribute from my own fund as much as possible to execute this initiative successfully. But I would still request all of you to contribute in this initiative. Your small support would mean a lot to the helpless & poor families. If you want to contribute in this charity program, you can send Hive/HBDs to @bdcharity or directly to my account @mahirabdullah .And I will obviously share the update & report after completing the initiative.

Full payout of this post is set to @bdcharity and all of it will go to "Project Ramadan" Fund

And Finally, I would like to request everyone, take initiative to help the people around you as much as you can. Because there are many people living around you who are going through a very hard time you may not even know!

Thank You


Indeed it is a good initiative. We all should come forward and try to spread the help and care.
Best wishes and full support to your initiative.
May almighty bless you.

This is exactly I was planning for. But didn't dare to take the initiative as I am not much of a organised person and found none who can help me with.
Anyway, thanks for coming forward with a detailed chart of necessities and probable costs. Let's make this month of Ramadan more meaningful. 💙

didn't dare to take the initiative as I am not much of a organised person and found none who can help me with

It isn’t necessary to take extra workload. Just try one time, according to your situation/ability. I am sure you won't find it that hard 😅

I was planning to do some though....meanwhile, you came to my rescue. 😅
Anyway, I will share my findings on reliable charity in our country through a post soon, so, we all know how we can contribute to the greater good from whatever position we are. Keep blessed brother.

Anyway, I will share my findings on reliable charity in our country through a post soon,

Bidyanondo Foundation? I follow their works, really love to see their initiatives and work.

It's not that but I appreciate Bidyanondo's initiative. As I'm still going through every segment they accept help from others, I can't say what would be more suitable for the majority here....so, taking a bit more time. I think many of us already know about it, it's As-Sunnah foundation.

Ah, got it.

Noble Initiative.
Am glad that you came forward to undertake the workload to help those needy people.
May Allah bless all of us and grant us the ability to help one another.

May Allah bless all of us and grant us the ability to help one another.

Insha-Allah. Appreciate your support and encouragement ❤️

 2 years ago  

Simply love THIS. ❤️

That's a great Initiative. Love to see this ......

Allah bless you for taking the initiative.

Thank you for your well wish & support ❤️

you are welcome this is the least i can do brother. 🙂🙏

!giphy welcome


great initiative

Great to see such projects. HIVE is more than a blockchain.

✨ Great intiative ✨
"Man for man"
This is great initiative brother 🤗 we are all with you. Just rebloged this post and also sharing through. In my side i do what i can. Also requesting all to reblog the post and come forward to this initiative 🤗.

This is so thoughtful of you. If this goes on when I have liquid token to offer, I'll send it to your account. I pray you're strengthened to continue with this good work.

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that is really a great inactivate sir thanks for the opportunity to all the hive users. it did feel great to help some needy person you are it is really great work. God bless you, sir.

Thanks for your support & contribution. Much Love ❤


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I applaud what you are doing, it must be very helpful for families in dire need. good luck with your intentions