Breaking cycles

in BDCommunity2 years ago


Hello friends, how are you? I would like to express a small reflection: As a society we don't give enough credit to the "cycle breakers". And when we are one of them, we don't applaud them enough. We don't recognize how hard it is to be that person in the family who came to do things differently, to break patterns, to heal the clan.
And it may sound arrogant with that savior complex, but sometimes it is a monumental job not to repeat what hurts us.
Sometimes we are clear that we do not want to be "that", but we need all our energies to achieve it and there is little left for the rest. But we don't think that breaking a cycle is EVERYTHING.
To be that woman who managed to get out of the violent relationship.
Or the one who raises with love when she was "beaten to a pulp".
Or the one who prioritizes mental health when everyone in her family values productivity. Whatever the example, if you are doing things differently from what you saw because it hurt you, please acknowledge it, because you are changing the world. And this obviously doesn't mean that we don't take the good, it means that we will be true to our essence.