Welcome to the villages of Bangladesh!

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Bangladesh, the home of natural beauty. If you have a chance to visit the country please go to the village where there is a river and small boat without engine , trees and blue sky, canals and restless boys group who are jumping into water and hunting fish in the mud hole with bare hand.


I always had a chance to visit the village like this but could not able to make it years till this visit. The location of course the naturally beautiful district of Bangladesh named Barishal. The village called Salimpur where you would find all the natural beauty , actual village by the river and canals with muddy water and little fishes.


Pond is very common in front of most of the houses in the village and ducks would be found swimming around in these ponds. I would suggest to visit the village during full rain and in the winter. You won't forget the moment you are swimming in the pond during rain or a journey by small engine less little boat with shade in the river during sunset or heavy rain.

The time I was travelling was hot, actually it was too hot and was not rain about 15 days so, literally I was sweating like someone pouring water on me.

I had a good chance actually to visit and watch the beautiful natural resources of Bangladesh. I went to the deep nature where the fishermen talk to the river and catch the most delicious Hilsa Fish commonly known as Ilish (National Fish of Bangladesh), people this area catch this fish mostly from Arial Khan river and of course most of the fishes comes from Chandpur District.


This beautiful sky and the shadow of sky only available in the beautiful villages of Bangladesh.

When you visit the villages you would find the actual culture of the country, the fragrance of mud after little rain would make you nostalgic.

I was in roaming like five village circled and each of them was amazingly different with similar features, just awesome.


Not only the mud but also flowers like Kamini will make you surprised by its strong sweet fragrance. Fruits, vegetables, flowers and simple smiling people and there simple lifestyle would be at your heart forever.


Birds, animals freely move here and there and eat from the natural resources, people do not enjoy all the fruits but kept few for the Birds and Animals live in their little forest after the little backyard behind their houses.


Riding a small boat in the field full of water is amazing and lifetime memorable activities.

Welcome to the villages of Bangladesh!


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