Some Of My Favourite Quotes Explained.

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I shared one of one my favourite quotes on my WhatsApp status and @Princessbusayo screenshot it to taunt me on her status. She said she is sure that's one of my favourites and I replied to her it was. I explained what the quote was all about and this got me thinking about sharing some of the others I have which most people might not fully understand.

When I was much younger, anytime I watched the TV or read a book or even listen to a song, I make sure I pick up something from there. I used to be lazy when it comes to reading novels but I prefer more motivational books to read instead but this particular day, I picked up this book from a friend and I was drawn to the quote that says: "I am not afraid to die, I just don't want to be there when it happens."

I got confused and I read the entire book to understand what it was all about. The author was talking about out of body obsession - where people leave their bodies and travel in the spirit but the body is there. They can get trapped in the spirit when they don't have a body to come back to - in case someone already killed them in real life - that is, the body they left behind before travelling in the spirit. So, that was what birthed that quote that says he isn't afraid to die, he just doesn't want to be there when it happens so he wouldn't feel the pain and anguish of dying.

The one that @Princessbusayo quoted as one of my favourites is this: "Stop feeling proud because you have bread to eat. Don't forget that someone owns that bakery.". This quote has kept me humbled over the years. It makes me understand that there is nothing I have in life that others haven't enjoyed before or won't enjoy with or without me. I don't sound my horn and I don't like sounding it but anyone who knows me would know I've never been proud and never would be. I try to relate to everyone and be as free as possible with everyone.

I've never been jealous of those who have things I don't have. It has never been about me and never would be. I didn't say I've never been worried sometimes when I see others have things I desire, but more often, it has drawn me to ask them questions IF I can and for those I might never b able to ask questions, I remember that quote of mine because I know that it's just a matter of time, what isn't enough would be more than enough.


One of my many qualities is the fact that I have a strong mentality. A lot of things have tried to get me down but like a seed, I always sprout. I leverage on that a lot and that's why I have been strong over the years even under extreme situations that others might never recover from. Trust me, life has dealt with me in ways words cannot do adequate justice to express.

There is nothing we have that others before us didn't have nor others that would come after us won't have. The moment this breath in our nostrils go away, everything we own is gone because those who don't understand how much you have laboured to get those things would be the ones to squander them and for the reasonable ones, they use it as a springboard to get their lives in order. This is why I don't get proud, pompous or try to look down on anyone and we shouldn't either. There is nothing we have that should warrant us thinking we are better than others.

If you are proud because you have daily bread to eat, think back and ponder on how the owner of that bakery must be feeling. If they can stay humbled, why can't you? It cuts across every area of life and we have them here too on Read Cash - amazing people who have every right to brag but they are humble, approachable and amazing humans. I don't want to tag people so the purpose of this post won't be questioned but I am sure we know them too... fantastic people.

Another quote I would love to explain which is one of my favourites is this: "You can throw me to the wolves but I will come back leading the pack." We know wolves have packs and being thrown to the wolves means being confined to death or worst-case scenario and coming back to lead them means what was intended to disrupt your life, you turned it around for your good. It means the situation that was destined to claim your life, you used that situation and defined it. It's just like saying "When a defining moment comes, define the moment or else the moment will define you." Or in a simple term: "When life throws you lemons, make lemonade out of it."

The reality of life is that there is no situation that would be palatable enough for you to thrive. Nothing can be perfect but it depends on how you see it. Even when people leave you to bleed out and die, when you understand that no one can help you but yourself, it inspires us to draw strength from within. It's never going to be easy. You will even feel it more strongly than others and no one might be able to relate to the extremity of the pains you are going through but we chart our course. No one can turn the tides around except you... Others might help you eventually but you must have done some heavy lifting on your own before they would show up.

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The bakery quote is good. Haha .

I love it too. One of my favourite... It keeps me humble hahaha. Thank you so much.

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I run out of words to express my gratitude for your kindness and encouragement. It means a lot to me. Thank you @bdcommunity and @rem-steem

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