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Today was one of those days that I had thought would be disastrous but ended up being one of the most memorable for me. It was so memorable that it still lingers in my mind, even as I lay on my bed this minute, waiting for the sweet breeze that carries an even sweeter sleep along with it to come knock me unconscious.

Early this morning, I had woken up with fears in my heart on how I was going to face the day. The reason for the fear was because I had this academic defence in front of the school that I had to ace no matter what, in order to avoid having to repeat that course.

One would think that with something as important as that, that I must have read my ass off the previous day, but instead I had spent the day on videos games and the rest of the non important stuff.

When I finally got to school, everyone could easily tell that I was tensed up. I said little or nothing to anyone. Instead I was focused on a little sheet of paper that I had drafted a summary of my presentation on, in other to make it easy for me to memorize.

As the time for the presentation got closer, I felt like every time was against me. The started moving faster than usual, the whole place felt hot and uncomfortable. All I wanted to do was to get this done with and head for home. I felt like I needed to leave the entire school premises in other to be able to breath fine.

It was finally time for the presentation and I was called to come stand in front of the panel and my coursemates. My hands and legs were shaking, the tiny paper that was now useless was sitting comfortably in my back pocket..

“You've got this, you can do this.. They're just people” I said to myself as the panel looked at me, waiting for me to begin my presentation.

For the next fifteen minutes, all I did was talk about things I had little or no understanding of. Everything I was saying had been taken off directly from the tiny sheet of paper in my back pocket.

By the time I was done, I had no idea if I had done great or not because the whole place was as silent as a graveyard and then I bowed my head and was about embarking on my walk of shame when I heard it. Somebody at the far end of the class was clapping and then as if on queue, the rest of the class joined it. I had later learned that they were too shocked by my presentation that they nearly forgot to clap.

Apparently, everyone was rooting for me to fail.


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