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RE: The Weekly Turni-Issue 49

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The dedication and commitment to write 49 times non-stop for this long is admirable and I should really look up to you for that. Congratulation for the upcoming millstone.

The main reason I don't interact with other communities besides BDC and CineTv is because of anxiety issue. Still working on it. Hopefully in the future the interaction range will increase more.


I had the exact thought process a while back and the end result was not good XD so for now I decided to live in the present. We spend one third of our time on earth just by sleeping anyway. You will only make the most of it by doing things you love or passionate about, if the things turn out to be gaming/gossiping/reading then it's not a waste of time :')

@deepu7 I really enjoyed the poetry recitation :')

@surrealfia If I were her I would've probably bought it and sent it to you as a gift :v

@chrysanthemum As always beautifully written. I wish I could write Bengali like you. I am not a fan of destination probably that's why I have none. :')


and I'm already over the moon by this gesture... cursed or not I'd keep it treasured

Glad to know that you've liked it.

Yeah, it’s okay not have any particular destination; but I wish you enjoy the 'Rasta'...

Most of us are living on this road to be honest. Very few can reach the destination. But you are right, the road is much more fun and memorable than the destination.

Thanks @sarashew
Nice to hear that you enjoyed it.

I don't consider reading as wasting time. or any of the art forms for that matter. To be honest, they are the supreme things to live for and perfect ways to spend valuable time. :)

But gossiping and gaming as wasting time? Definitely!

Oh come on.. Not gaming! XD Most of the games we play are not a complete waste, there are puzzles solving, multitasking, strategies to perform, which only sharpen our problem solving skills.

Gossiping.. well I will give you that. It is a waste of time