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RE: Bdcommunity Presents: The Weekly Turni- Issue 25

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Congratulations to BDCommunity to reaching so far. Everyone wrote as well as ever. The more content, the more knowledge, the more learning. And I'm glad to join you guys.

As always, @deepu7 Bhai's recitation has touched my heart. I heard the recitation three times, not once or twice. It continues to tells me to listen again.

And many thanks to those who are behind managing Turni every week.


It is surprising how so many of us can come up with such a variety of contents... and our kobiyal is.. I don't even have enough words to describe

and as for you... I admire your strength... it's not easy to face such difficulties and harder to share with everyone

Congratulation to you too for your first addition in turni:) great work apu. i dearly hope that you will continue writing for us:)

Really I am honoured @shahinaubl. It means a lot to me. Thanks.