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RE: Bdcommunity Presents: The Weekly Turni- Issue 23

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Difficult to argue with that dada :D

Sure, at school levels it's not easy to tailor it individually and quite a bit of generalization is absolutely necessary. It's when we go higher up the tree the problem begins. I feel as we branch out the testing needs to get more tailored.

Useless knowledge is useful; you never know when you will use it in real life

That is correct dada, but that should not be the basis of someone getting hired or not. These so called "useless" information can be a fun trivia incorporated into interviews, but in no way these should be the make or break questions and that's where our system (despite the strengths you mentioned) is one of the most flawed systems in the entire world.

Addressing the third point about competition, there has to be better ways of preparing for the challenges in life dada. You will know about this more than I do because of your experience, but I just don't seem to see why this has to be the only way to prepare for competition. Maybe it gives the mental resilience...? I don't know. But maybe I'll see your point a few more years down the line.

The memorization part I totally agree though :D Not a fan, but can't deny it's very effective.