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RE: The Weekly Turni-Issue 49

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Dada, I guess we all need to learn to get out of our comfort zone... I can't say what the right approach would be... I believe you know how birds learn to fly for the first time

Amor you almost always feel torn about wasting time... you shouldn't... life is too short to regret something like this and I guess you learn about the importance of time when you waste it... you haven't nearly wasted as much as you beat yourself up over it

Deepu bhai as always your poetry is something otherworldly

Sara it's not just about reading Murakami and being a feminist... for me Murakami is "accepting the way I am" sort of call... I don't even use the word feminist... it's the way my parents have raised me, I have been both a son and a daughter and sometimes just their kid

Toushik believe me things have not been easy at all... many of my colleagues have families in villages and in far districts... the worry was so evident in them... they were even willing to walk all the way to home to their families if the lockdown wasn't revoked for the time being... it's not just the Eid, it's being around their families that mattered most

Chad mama life is a long journey with the destination, you know... it's not where we reached, it's the path we took to get there


Yep, absolutely! Couldn’t disagree more on this.. Thanks Fia! 😇

I always feel better and find enthusiasm from the listeners like you. Thanks.

That's one of the reasons I love Murakamis books. :') and also you have amazing parents. :')