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RE: The Weekly Turni-Issue 49

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@Editor : as a newbie am quite unaware of many things but am hoping to learn more from here. Would like to ask a question to you, how are the works selected for "The Weekly Turni"?
@deepu7 : an amazing write up. I wouldn't say I feel refreshed, but I couldn't stop feeling the urge to sync.
@sarashew : I couldn't stop being amused by the reaction of the first guy. It is too easy to judge someone, right? One doesn't bat an eyelash before mocking another, tragic life! But am quite amazed too, that it is so beautiful that the difference in opinion and mindset was displayed to you in such a short time interval while reading this one book. Now, am quite interested to read it too!!
@toushik : self-peace, something behind which many of us tend to run-after. Interestingly, it is one thing that one only achieves instantly after helping one-another. How mesmerizing is the thought itself, right?
@surrealfia : thrilling!!!!
@chrysanthemum : I have learned some solid hard words today! Thank you. Without your text, this would have been quite impossible. Btw, the song that you mentioned, that's one of my favorite song! ^_^


Thank you @tahminasyed for sharing your feelings! Good to know that you've liked my bengali writing. And again welcome to BDC.

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Best wishes!

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This poem was written by সুনীল গঙ্গোপাধ্যায়
I just recited it..

thank you so much

I was amused and annoyed at the same time when the first boy started shouting. I think that is most common reaction you can expect from judgmental people.

And the book is really interesting. I am sure you will like it. :')